we create a system specialized for advertising agencies  

20 years of experience

4 continents, 19 countries

4000+ users

cloud base since 2019

Our system is used by agencies all over the world

from small ones to multinationals

We help to build a great agency

Dedicate most of your energy to agency work

Minimize and sweeten the necessary administrative work

Get a great overview of entire agency operations, anytime

    Make agency,
not chaos

6 great benefits of Teamogy for agencies


Accurately quoted jobs

thanks to precise estimates of work requirement.


Accurate billing of working hours

thanks to excellent tracking system.


Timely and accurately billed supplier costs 

thanks to supply cost re-invoicing.


Comfort in team

thanks to systematically assigned work.


Easy search of all documents

as they are created directly in system.


Up-to-date results

of agency available at all times.


And what benefits do you expect ? 

Teamogy is system that covers all agency needs


Contacts database

Document management


Jobs and their budgeting

Job completing


Team capacity planning

Time tracking


Cost tracking and invoicing

Profitability and reporting

Teamogy is available on all devices



Get your contacts in order. Clients, suppliers, potential clients, journalists and other business partners.

Simply add contacts of individual people, addresses and other important contact details, including registration and invoicing  data, for each and every contact.

More information during personal introduction or DEMO.

Document management

We help you get all documents under control. From your first contact with a client, to writing meeting notes, to creating quotation for the client, to filing the signed contract.

You can create and store all important agency documents, use pre-defined documents templates, or create your own ones. You can even scan documents into system.

More information during personal   introduction or DEMO.

Jobs and their budgeting

The job is the central point of the entire system. The quotation for the client is projected into the job, supplier costs are allocated, client invoices are issued, tasks are assigned, and tracked time are all allotted for the job. As a result, you have a continuous overview of how the job is progressing.

A well-crafted quotation is crucial for completing a profitable job. Ensure that you have the document design and also the content under control before it leaves the agency.

Completing Job

Each job shows the current margin and final profit. You will know how much you have already billed the client, the level of external costs already received, and how much time has been spent working on the job.

You will see all of the figures and related documents for the job in real time and therefore, have the opportunity to deliver the contract within the promised deadline and earn the planned profit.

Teamcapacity planning

With our system you can create tasks with ease, assign them to the responsible people, monitor the workload of individual people, departments, or the agency as a whole.

Everyone will know what to work on at a given time, what needs to be finished, and when.

You can see immediately how you are managing to carry out an approved job, and whether or not you can bring new clients in with the team you already have in place.


Time tracking

Time tracking is super simple and fast. It can be done for a job in general or for a particular task.

You can immediately see the amount of tracked time on both the task and the job and can effectively manage it and deal with any extra work.

What’s more, users see their timesheets in a visual format – weekly or monthly. And it is effortless to have it on time and for the right job


Cost tracking and invoicing

You can issue client invoices with a single click. An invoice is generated directly from the job, with values reflecting the approved quotation. You can adjust the amounts and other data if needed.

Supplier invoices, including scanned attachments, are entered into the system and are allocated to individual jobs or overheads. You will therefore have a comprehensive overview of the economics of individual jobs, as well as the whole company.

Profitability and reporting

The system provides reports on several levels. Job reports by client, time, or owner show the job profit. 
Alongside the jobs, the Company’s internal overheads also require effective management.

Define the structure of your budgets, set an annual cost plan, and carefully observe how they develop.

A general report provides an overview of the company’s total profit. You see the profit on jobs and the costs expended on internal company budgets, all in a single place.

User comfort

We designed a system that feels comfortable in everyday use. A system that users will be happy to work with. Every user can personalize the experience: system colour scheme, adding their own photo, or contact details to make communication with colleagues all the simpler.

Users can also have the system speak their language. We have 33 languages available and others are being added constantly. PC or Mac, tablet or mobile, you can work from anywhere without missing a beat.



Protecting our clients’ data is a top priority for us. Each client’s data are stored in a separate database on the cloud structure.

We use two-factor authentication and follow the very highest security standards when storing users’ login data.

The system is in compliance with the requirements of GDPR. The data of EU clients are stored in the AWS datacentre in Frankfurt, Germany.



   It is super easy to start


Create your account

just input the name of agency and email and you will receive the login password


Add users

type in the names and emails of the users in your agency


Start working

all of you can start using the system right away

Launch the system on your own or we can provide onboarding support

For a comfortable launch that you can manage on your own, we will provide you with materials that contain clear and full-package instructions, procedures, and recommendations.

An experienced onboarding team can assist you during the launch. They can assist you either remotely or in person, depending on the scope and the form determined by you.

It is important not to underestimate the start

Onboarding is the key to the successful introduction and deployment of the system

Regardless of the agency size, it is vital to explain to the users their respective roles within the system, and to define what data will be entered into the system.

High-quality user

type in the names and emails of the users in your agency

System launch

Involves change. We are committed to making every effort to ensure that this change is implemented quickly and comfortably for the whole team.

If you prefer to get more info personally, I will be happy to get you in touch with our team.

Fair prices affordable for any team

From 19 EUR / user

Pricelist here:


    Make agency,
not chaos
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