2. Create Agency Documents in Teamogy.

Several different document types are created in each agency every day – briefs, meeting reports, quotations, contracts, various protocols, etc. Proper maintenance of documents – their creation, content, and design – can save a lot of time in every agency and sometimes save a significant amount of money.

What can Teamogy help to sort out in your agency?

Tidiness in documents – All clearly sorted in one place.

Uniform design and content of agency documents.

Legal and financial protection – Correct text in financial documents. 

Approving important documents.

A specific example: Creating a new meeting report related to a new job.

You can add all written agreements from the client meeting to a document in Teamogy.

The correct job description and expectations are the keys to success.

Complete the content of the client meeting report and other necessary comments.

Not just the details about agreements, but also photos from Flipcharts, sketches, or other attachments that have their own place in meeting reports. 

You do not create documents only for you.

It is not a problem to print documents in PDF and send it to the client.

The design, header, and logo of documents can obviously be adjusted; however, you would like them.


Perfect! The document was created and sent to the client.

You will need to find older meeting reports and documents quite often and they are readily available.

It is easy and intuitive – you can search and filter based on various characteristics and the document you are looking for is immediately available.

How to try everything directly in the system

Create random documents in Teamogy, complete the header, including some tags and content. Add an attachment. Print the document.

Try to find the document – it will only take a few seconds.

A detailed manual can be found here:
How to create documents in Teamogy.

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