3. Jobs in Teamogy with profit and without chaos.

Job profit is not only affected by client billings and supplier costs but also the value of internal work is very important. Only when you clearly manage and influence all these values, can you make the job profitable.

What can Teamogy help to sort out in your agency?

All important information about the job organized in one place – finances, time, and documents.

An overview of all jobs provides you with information about the current situation in the agency.

Reports on profitable and non-profitable jobs, brands, clients, teams, and the entire agency.

You manage everything you need for the job – suppliers, clients, and internal team.

A specific example: Our first job and we start our work for the new client.

Here we go. Let’s fill in the job name, choose a client, and a brand. Let’s define the job deadline.

Now everything is starting.


We have worked the first hours on a job and it’s important to have them in evidence from the beginning.

Report the first hours that you spent on the client meeting and subsequent communications.

Now you need to create a preview of the solution of the first task before you go to another meeting with the client – simply create and assign a task.


Our team has already started working and  the worked hours are growing.

 You can follow the job along with other jobs in clear, concise reports.


How to try everything directly in the system

Create a job, choose a client, and a brand. Report the time on this job and see how reported hours immediately influence the job profit.

Search a job in Teamogy – it’s easy and fast.

Filter jobs by status – you will get an immediate overview of the status of all jobs in the agency.

A detailed manual can be found here:
How to work with Jobs in Teamogy.

Get in Touch

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