4. Time Tracking in Teamogy – Quick and Easy.

Time is the most valuable feature the agency has. Accurate time tracking is the foundation for client invoicing and, therefore, the profitability of individual jobs, as well as the entire agency.

What can Teamogy help to sort out in your agency?

Accurate tracking of worked hours.

Quick, easy, and accurate time tracking against respective jobs or internal overheads.

Ease of creating reports / tracking hours data for the client and invoicing.

Tracked hours are visible inside the jobs and affect their profitability.

A specific example – Tracking the time spent on a client meeting.

We just got back from another client meeting – track 3 hours against the job.


The platform allows you to view all tracked hours for each job.  

It makes the tracking of hours much easier and you’ll also get an efficient overview of how well the hours completed.


Tracked hours are immediately visible for the job, as well as the job’s cost price.

This means that the job profitability is under your control from the very beginning.


In the overview of all jobs, you can see the total number of tracked hours for individual jobs.

You can pinpoint unprofitable jobs at first sight.


How to try everything directly in the system

Track time against the job. Check the visual overview of all tracked hours – every user is able to see their tracked hours at a glance.

Check the job to see how tracked hours affect job profitability.

Check the company reports to see how the tracked hours affect agency profitability.

A detailed manual can be found here:
How to track hours in Teamogy.

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