5. Don’t Want to be Overworked? Plan Your Time in Teamogy.

Release your tension and stress – have everything effectively planned including deadlines. You can take your mind off everything that is already planned within tasks. Enjoy a single place where all planning takes place.

What can Teamogy help to sort out in your agency?

All tasks well arranged in a single place.

Easy work planning.

Everyone is able to see what their work queue is for today / tomorrow / this week.

Visual overview of the workload of individuals, teams, and even the agency as a whole.

A specific example: Let’s assign tasks for the entire job to individual people.

Now is the right time to start working on the job.

Assign tasks to individual team members and carefully monitor their execution.


Visual display of tasks is important for the overall alignment of all team members, departments, and even the entire company.



It’s important to log important things within the task – detailed assignment, attachments, and dates.

And also you can easily set the conditions of the tasks, so you know what is the progress at any time.

There isn’t a simpler or more accurate feature than tracking worked time against a job with a single task.

Additionally, a comparison of the originally allocated hours with the actual tracked hours is very useful.

How to try everything directly in the system

Select a job and from this job directly create one or more tasks. Enter the task start date, required deadline, add a description, and select the responsible person.

Have all the tasks displayed in a visual overview. Try to divide the allocation of tasks into several days and watch how it affects the workload of individual people.

A detailed manual can be found here:
How to plan Tasks in Teamogy.

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