6. Create Profitable Quotations in Teamogy.

A well-assembled quotation is key for overall job profitability. It is necessary to accurately estimate the number of hours of internal positions that will work on the job. At the same time, it is important to negotiate acceptable prices from external suppliers and resell it to the client with a reasonable markup.

What can Teamogy help to sort out in your agency?

Quotations can be created directly in Teamogy – there is a single way of creating quotations for the entire agency.

Easy budgeting of individual agency positions and external costs.

Every quotation shows planned agency margin.

The possibility of quotation approvals – you have quotations under control before they leave the agency.

A specific example: Create a sales quotation for a new job

Now that we are clear what the client wants, let’s prepare a sales quotation for them.

The sales quotation, which is created directly from a job, already contains predefined data about the client – name, address, job, etc.


You can easily create a sales quotation that contains agency work, as well as external costs.

Don’t forget to include the purchase price (visible only internally) of the external costs – it’s the only way to plan and manage the external costs.



Thanks to internal approval workflows, you can have selected quotations (by various criteria) fully under control.

Feel confident that creating a quotation is teamwork and estimated hours and costs are well estimated.


A sales quotation is primarily meant for the client, so its design is very important.

Print the quotation as a PDF document, including a customized header with your logo.


How to try everything directly in the system

Create the sales quotation and complete it with items of agency work and external costs. Add purchase prices, as well as the agency margin for external costs, too. Add various categories, as well.

Print the quotation as a PDF document.

Now, take a look at the job – how the created (and approved by client) quotation affects your job.

You can see all budgeted amounts of the job and you are ready to start executing and managing your job.  

A detailed manual can be found here:
How to create Quotation in Teamogy.

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