9. It’s Like the Entire Agency is in the Palm of Your Hand – Extensive Reports and Overviews.

To be able to see an overview of the entire agency, clients, or individual jobs from anywhere and at any time is a dream of any person related to this type of platform. Timely warning in the event of problems, approval of important documents, and an overall view of problematic function significantly eases managing the agency.

What can Teamogy help to sort out in your agency?

See the entire agency in the palm of your hand – documents, finances, time, and human resources neatly organized in a single place.

All reports are automatically completed with data, in real time, as the users are working with the system.

From a top overview to very refined details, for example, from the total profit of the company, you can easily see the fine details of a particular job.

Approvals of important documents.

A specific example: Let’s check how our agency is doing in real time.

Let’s check the actual profit of our agency – with a single click.

All client billings, all external costs, and all worked hours in a single place.

Do you want to see the details? Just click and you’ll go to the details of the job, invoice, or individual timesheets.

Human resources are the most valuable agency asset.

It’s therefore very important to know how to manage human resources so that every employee  is efficiently engaged.

The documentation of worked hours is essential for correct client invoicing.

You may even learn that you actually worked more hours than you are able to bill certain clients.

You can see an overview of every unprocessed document, invoice, or other records in a single place.

With an effective approval procedure, you minimize the risk of errors and that you forgot to do something.

How to try everything directly in the system

Click through the available reports and you’ll quickly learn how your agency is doing.

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