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Choose from the help sources below, and let’s start discovering Teamogy. If you prefer direct communication, please contact us on the Online chat, where our trained experts will help you immediately.


Manuals contain descriptions and videos of all Teamogy features. 


In the Release Notes, you will quickly and clearly learn what is new in Teamogy.


We have prepared 10 steps that will allow you to easily understand Teamogy.

“Our wish is for each of our clients to take full advantage of Teamogy. Teamogy aims to be a tool and assistant for every team member in their daily work and communication with others. For managers, Teamogy is a key tool for managing the company. This can only be achieved if all users use the system correctly. That’s why we try to make our support available to every user and give them the opportunity to learn, find answers, and connect with our team with questions at any time.”

Kateřina Ambrusová, Client Service Director, Teamogy