No more errors in XLS and elsewhere.

Has the client ever been quoted an incorrect budget?
Did a new, inexperienced colleague send it without proper approval? Or was it just a mistake in the formula because the budget is being prepared in Excel? These are errors in budgets that directly affect the profitability of the project. Other mistakes arise as well. Maybe work starts on a client’s project that he did not order, so the work done will not be paid. Or maybe work was billed according to an outdated entry. Perhaps correct, updated information has not been shared yet, or employees do not have clear information on work completion time and how much time they should devote to the work. Then, sometimes discounts have to be given for late delivery or a client’s so-called “over-service.”

It does not have to be that way anymore. In our single system, you can create a budget or an order and assign clearly defined tasks from it.
You can also monitor all delivery costs related to the project.


You can invoice very easily – in just 3 clicks.
Really! It can be done directly from the project according to the approved budget. Of course, the ability to make adjustments is available, even though it does not happen very often.

Keep track of everything that happens in the architectural studio.

Teamogy is a cloud system for managing the architectural studiio and supporting the daily work of all users, including cooperation and team communication.

In which areas will Teamogy help?


All projects under control from the first contact and negotiations with the client to the final invoicing.


Clear overview and control over the financial situation, from the overall status of client revenues and projects to company costs.





Coordination of the whole team effectively in one system. A clear overview for each team member, on what project and for how long they have to work on.


Effective and simple communication during the project implementation with the client and supplier, as well as the internal team.


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1.You will learn the Best Practices utilized by company management around the world.

2. We will show you specifically how Teamogy can be useful for your architectural studio in particular.

3. Within 48 hours after the consultation, we will prepare an individual overview of the benefits of Teamogy for your architectural studio.

With Teamogy, you get not only a cloud system but also a proven solution for managing an architectural studio for years to come.

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Teamogy is used by hundreds of satisfied architectural studio around the world for managing the whole company, teams, finances and project management.

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