Become a Certified Teamogy Partner

Welcome to the site for potential certified Teamogy partners. Whether you are a small or large company, we offer cooperation to those, who are interested in an exciting, inspiring, and last but not least, profitable cooperation.

Become a partner in one or more areas, as you see fit. All you need to do is register and list the types of partnerships you are considering, and then we will provide you with more detailed information and specific terms of cooperation.


The Reseller Partner is primarily focused on Teamogy sales.

The Reseller must strong in networking, lead management, presentations, and deal closing. The Reseller truly understands how companies can work more efficiently with the use of a good software choice.


The Consulting Partner is responsible to continuously help companies use Teamogy effectively.

From the initial analysis of how the system should be set up for a given company to the education and training of management and other end users on the team.


The Integration Partner must have excellent technical skills and have practical experience with the integration of individual systems.

The Integration Partner integrates Teamogy with external applications such as accounting, business intelligence, and more.


Why Become a Partner

Every individual or company certainly has a large choice of business opportunities. We would be thrilled to have you partner with Teamogy and dedicate your time and energy to this amazing business solution. We are confident that we have attractive business opportunities for each type of partnership and guarantee long-term and fair cooperation. Thanks to these partnerships, you have the opportunity to actively participate in the present – as well as upcoming – digital revolution.

“We provide our partners with all the necessary and up-to-date information, materials, and resources to help as many companies as possible perform more productively through the use of Teamogy. The credo of our cooperation is fairness, friendly atmosphere, and joint success.”

Libor Černý

“We want Teamogy to be consistently and globally the best comprehensive system for those who want to have their company in order, and we will do everything in our power to make it so. Having over twenty years of experience working for clients around the world, we know first-hand what companies and people need from a system.”


Vladimír Šolc
AD-IN-ONE Europe, Founder

5 Easy Steps to Become a Partner

Reseller / Consulting/ Integration partners

Our cooperation can begin very quickly. We will navigate the 5 steps together. We will start by presenting mutual expectations, plans, and activities. Subsequently, we will train your entire team and provide complete documentation and resource materials.

1. Registration

2. Detail Information

3. Scope of Business Activities

4. Contract

5. Teamogy Academy&Launch

Our Partners Are Motivated

“I have been a Teamogy partner for Poland for several years. I started by myself with no clients using Teamogy. After 2 years of hard work, I currently have a 4-member team and dozens of satisfied clients – from small teams to large companies. At the same time, new and returning clients join us every month. What do I love about this job? The fact that clients love Teamogy – thanks to that, I find the work very fulfilling, while at the same time providing great potential for further growth.”

Robert Szelenbaum, General Manager of AIO Polska, Poland (Reseller/ Consulting/ Integration)

I became a Teamogy partner in 2020. Before that, I worked for many years in senior financial positions in small and large companies. That is why I can appreciate Teamogy’s potential for increasing the growth of any company. I am very much looking forward to our partnership. I believe that thanks to Teamogy, I will be able to help many companies accelerate their business and increase their profits.” 

Cristian Cucu, Founder of GR8 Business Consultancy, Romania (Reseller/ Consulting)

“I see myself as a start-up with enthusiasm and a vision to help companies in South America operate better and more efficiently. I have formed a three-member team and I am very happy for the Teamogy partnership, which gives us interesting business opportunities and at the same time a great tool in the form of Teamogy. I believe that here in and around Ecuador we can do great things with Teamogy here and around Ecuador.

Jean Pierre Mosquera, Co-founder of Wavethy, Ecuador (Reseller/ Consulting)

Clients Love Teamogy

We are proud that Teamogy is happily used by companies from various industries around the world, from small start-ups to large world-famous entities. Teamogy truly is suitable for anyone who wants to have order in their company.

“Using Teamogy will us save costs and time and allow us to have everything easily accessible.” 

Daniel Matula, Managing Partner, CAPEXUS / Architecture & Construction

“I love effectiveness and clarity. To me, that is Teamogy. Like!” 

Miroslava Jarošová, Senior PR Consultant, PR.Konektor / PR Communication

“The profitability of our individual jobs has increased thanks to Teamogy. I like it.”

Irinel Ionescu, Founder of agency AMPRO / Branding agency

What our cooperation will bring you


Earn more profit from your work efforts. We offer an attractive financial reward for each type of partnership with the bonus of potential long-term cooperation.

Vision & Future

Combine your work with a promising industry. Cloud solutions for team management and communication are highly-sought after and deployed by companies all around the world. It is the future of effective and coordinated projects, available no matter where people are located.

Quality & Prestige

Teamogy is a modern cloud system that reflects years of experience from the development of its predecessor, the AIO system. The longer clients work with Teamogy, the more they realize its benefits and appreciate it even more. Our team always listens to the feedback and needs of our users and reasonably takes them into account during development. This gives Teamogy long-term and superior competitiveness.

Inspiring & friendly cooperation

We are an enthusiastic team with big, yet realistic, plans. Cooperation with partners is an important part of those plans. We communicate regularly with partners and try to provide them with the necessary tools for successful cooperation. Together we create the “Teamogy family.