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Teamogy is a modern cloud system for project management and communication for your entire team. It is used by thousands of satisfied users around the world.
With Teamogy, you will have full control over every part of the project. From budgeting to invoicing.

SELL the project

Client’s sales quotation

Client’s order

Project creation


IMPLEMENT the project

Creation of tasks for the team

Supplier orders

Deadlines and time investment monitoring

Control of suppliers’ costs




BILL the project

Invoice directly from the project

Analysis of project’s time requirements

General overview of project profitability


SELL the project

You have everything clearly organized and under control from the first contact and negotiations with the client to the final offer and the approved budget from the client.

Finally approved quotation for the client

A well-established budget is crucial for the profitability of a project. You can use your company’s proven templates for budgets. Templates make it easier to share with a team regarding how to properly budget for certain types of projects. You can also set up an approval process to ensure that important documents do not leave the company without the necessary approval or revisions.

A new project created directly from the budget

The approved budget will be immediately paired with the selected project, there is no need to rewrite anything. In the project view, you will find all of the important information from the assigned financial documents and planned tasks to the communication of your team. Managing the project in Teamogy is convenient, and you quickly have an overview of it whenever you need it.

IMPLEMENT the project

Teamogy allows you to see how efficiently your team manages to implement an approved project. You have an overview of the team’s workload, deadlines, and ongoing profitability of the project.

Overview of projects – Kanban view

Teamogy offers many functionalities for managing multiple projects simultaneously. In the project status view (type Kanban), you can use filters to quickly see who is currently working on what as well as the current stage of the project.

Order to the supplier

You can create paired purchase orders for a project quickly and easily in just a few seconds. For recurring or common order types, you can have all the necessary text, conditions, and more directly saved in the order template. Templates eliminate the possibility of forgetting important information.

BILL the project

You have an overview of all revenues and costs of the project. You can easily create, approve, and send all invoices and orders in Teamogy to clients and suppliers. Thanks to the variety of available reports, you can monitor the profitability of projects, clients, and the entire company at any time.

Issued invoice for client

You can create client invoices in the system with only one click. The whole invoice will be prepared directly from the project, with continued editing capabilities after creation. With Teamogy, you will no longer have to deal with forgotten or incorrect invoicing sent to the client..

Financial project overveiw

You can easily see the profitability of projects and individual clients in Teamogy reports, which offer a comprehensive financial overview. You can easily know exactly how much you have already invoiced the client or the number of external costs already incurred. You will immediately see financially problematic issues, and you can easily resolve them quickly.

Join the thousands of satisfied users

We are proud that Teamogy is used by countless satisfied companies from various industries all around the world. From small start-ups to large, world-famous players. Teamogy is perfect for everyone who wants to have order in their company.

“Using Teamogy will help us save costs and time and allow us to have everything easily accessible.”

Daniel Matula, Managing Partner, CAPEXUS / Architecture & Construction

“We estimate our work much more realistically now.”

Pavla Neradová, Architect, co-founder, Apaté studio/ Architecture

“The profitability of our individual jobs and projects has increased thanks to Teamogy.” “I like it.”

Irinel Ionescu, Founder of agency AMPRO / Branding agency

“I manage as many projects as I need. With Teamogy I have a detailed view and also a “helicopter view”.

Michal Richtr, Managing Director, Dynamo Design/ Communication & Design

““I love the efficiency and clarity.” To me, that is Teamogy. Like!”

Miroslava Jarošová, Senior PR Consultant, PR.Konektor / PR Communication

“Personally, I like the opportunity to see the entire agency and look at the overall picture of the company.”

Alvaro Dopico, CEO, M&C SAATCHI Chillanga / Communication Agency

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