System for PR Agencies


Well-coordinated team, professionally-managed projects, and corresponding profit.
All in one system.

Teamogy is a modern cloud system for management, daily work, and communication

for PR & PA agency’s entire team. It is used by hundreds of satisfied agencies around the world.

Our selected clients:

I love the efficiency and clarity. To me, that is Teamogy. Like!”

Miroslava Jarošová, PR Consultant, PR.Konektor

“Personally, I like the opportunity to see the entire agency and look at the overall picture of the company.”

Alvaro Dopico, CEO, M&C SAATCHI Chillanga

We need to focus on the work we do for clients; we need to have finances and Job administration in order. We do have that, thanks to Teamogy.

Radek Maršík, CEO, FleishmanHillard Prague

Teamogy brings benefits not only for PR agencies but also for their clients.

This gives agencies another competitive advantage.

Many of us often wonder how clean it really is back in the kitchen as we sit and eat a meal at a restaurant.

Some clients may be wondering how it works inside their supplier‘s agencies.
PR agency that uses Teamogy can offer the client:


Accurately estimate time demands for projects and thus a price and budget.


Fully control the entire process of each project – anytime and from anywhere.


Correctly estimate the delivery date and thus keep the promised deadlines of all projects.


Communicate easily with the clients, suppliers, as well as within the internal team.


You can easily find every document in just a few seconds – offers, orders, contracts, etc.

Read what, according to Radek Maršík, Head of FleishmanHillard Prague, helps the agency grow
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1. You will learn the Best Practices utilized by agency management around the world

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3. Within 48 hours after the consultation, we will prepare an individual overview of the benefits of Teamogy for your agency

With Teamogy, you get not only a cloud system but also a proven solution for managing a marketing agency for years to come.

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Perfectly coordinate your entire team

Everyone in the PR agency knows what to do and what the deadline is for completing each task. Time spent on tasks can be reported directly in specific projects.

You have full control over how much time is allocated to a given task, how productive the team is, and what status a project is currently on.

Kanban view

Task statuses (Kanban) allows you to check tasks and their progress as well as in which phase they are currently located. You can use filters to view the tasks that you have created, been responsible for, or associated with, or to view tasks for a specific client.

Gantt chart views

Task schedule (Gantt) graphically shows you how to schedule tasks over time. This allows you to maximize the working time available for all tasks at hand. Even in this view, you can filter tasks according to many criteria.

Keep overview of the profitability of all projects

at any time

Thanks to Teamogy, you will quickly find out why your project is not profitable. You will know exactly how much you have already invoiced the client, the total external costs already received, and how much working time has been reported. 

You always have an overview of how the project is progressing.

A view of project completed according to plan

In the project view, you record everything you need. From preparing the budget for the client, assigning costs, issuing invoices to clients, planning tasks, and recording timesheets. You invoice to the clients directly from the project.

Examine a problematic project

You will  immediately see a problematic project. Project that is over budget or has excess hours worked over the planned budget is clearly visible straight from the project.

You communicate efficiently and comfortably

You can see an overview of all conversations in one place in Teamogy Chat. Whether it is a discussion directly on the chat or as part of a task, job, or document. You can discuss one-to-one or in selected groups.

Thanks to functions like Collaboration mode, Teamogy Chat and Teamogy Meet, your internal communication will be much easier and faster.

Teamogy Chat

In Teamogy Chat, you can communicate with your colleagues, create rooms for more people to join the discussion, send attachments, or start a Teamogy Meet video conference. The conversation history is saved, and you can keep track of important messages over time, which is an undeniable advantage over some other chat tools.


Discussion directly in the task

The Comments section can be found in all documents, jobs, and tasks in Teamogy. They will help you cooperate more effectively and communicate faster with the team. You will be notified of new comments so that you will not miss any important information.

Teamogy is a proven solution for all types of communication agencies

PR & Public Affairs agencies

Press conference by PR agency
Bison & Rose | Teamogy client

Branding & Design studios

Corporate identity by design agency
Dynamo Design | Teamogy client

Marketing & Communication Agencies

One of the agency’s campaigns
M&C Saatchi Chilanga | Teamogy client

Packaging Design Agencies

Packaging design for a FMCG client
AMPRO| Teamogy client

Activation Agencies

Adidas client activation campaign
RAUL! | Teamogy client

Digital Agencies

Charity project to support restaurants
GREENSocS | Teamogy client

Teamogy speaks your language

The system is translated into 33 languages and can be easily translated into other languages if required. Each user can set their preferred language, so the system works perfectly even in a multilingual company.

What else can your PR agency do in Teamogy?

You will have all your Documents under control and you can locate any document in just a few seconds.

You can easily create clear Financial reports for the whole company, compiled according to various criteria.

You can view Attendance records of the entire team, planned and requested Absences, including their approval status.

You will have all of your important Contacts in one system and in one place.

Join of satisfied PR & PA agencies.

You can work in the new system in a few days.

And in your own native language.