Teamogy is system for management, daily work, and communication for the entire team.

Specialized for marcom agencies


Next year is almost here

While there might be plenty on your hands already, this is just the right moment to envision your goals for 2021 and set the required workflow processes in motion. The upcoming months can be used to personalise, fine-tune and implement the Teamogy system based on your company requirements. So the entire team can be ready to get on board from January.

Working remotely is the new normal

Be it the current health concerns, cost savings or flexibility, lots of companies and their employees are finding remote working as a win-win situation. But for it to work effectively, the team members still need to be able to communicate, share and cooperative effectively with each other, and the clients. Teamogy is the perfect platform to bring all of this together, regardless of geography.

Future proof

No one can predict how the current the socio-economic conditions will evolve over the coming months. Hence it’s even more critical to have all your organisation workflows airtight and under complete control. Whether it’s project management, invoicing or documentation, having all your processes lean and efficient is the best vaccine against any future turbulence.

Everything under one roof

And now for the best part about Teamogy! Usually there are multiple applications used by multiple people at multiple times, often leading to multiple confusion. Teamogy streamlines and merges the vertical and horizontal information flow so that everything is always available at one place, saving you time, money and your peace of mind.

Our system is used by professional companies all over the world, from small ones to multinationals

Selection of Teamogy benefits

You will know your company profit at any time
You will manage your Jobs efficiently.
You will have all of your documents and attachtments fully under control
You will know what your people are working on

New version of Teamogy – cooperation and communication

4 easy steps into the Teamogy

We are ready to take all steps personally or online.

Non-binding presentation

Register to non-binding presentation (roughly 1 hour). If you are interested, further steps will follow.

Setting call

You or an authorized manager from your company, together with our onboarding consultant, can set up the system, either online or by telephone. You will identify together, who will have the access to the system and with what rights (roughly 1 hour). You will identify together, who will have the access to the system and with what rights (roughly 1 hour).

Team training

The training will take place separately for individual teams (client service, implementation teams, accounting team and for the company management). The whole training can be organized online (about 2 hours for each team). The whole training can be organized online (about 2 hours for each team).

Additional consultations

The onboarding consultant will be available to answer your additional questions during the first days of using the system.

After the initial training, the support team will be available to you throughout the entire period of using Teamogy in the form of an online chat directly in Teamogy (working days 9-17 am).

Accelerate your business now

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