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About Job schedule (Gantt)

About Job Schedule (Gantt)Job schedule is a Gantt chart that is used to graphically represent Job scheduling over time. It makes your work and planning the Jobs much easier. Gantt chart maximizes the working time available for all Jobs. You have many option to work...

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Problems With Login To Teamogy

Problems With Login To TeamogyIf you have a problem with Login to Teamogy - try one of these tips. 1. Use keyboard shortcuts to reload the currently open Web page and try to log in again into the system. Windows keyboard shortcut - use Ctrl-Shift-R OS X (Mac) keyboard...

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Absence reports

Absence reportsKeeping track of the absences will give you a greater overview and efficiency in scheduling your employees’ time. With Teamogy you have an option to easily see the fully overview of monthly, annual absences of your employees. You will never have the...

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Easy Start – Title

Easy Start Getting started with Teamogy is really easy. Come and try it out. We have prepared 10 steps that will help guide you through Teamogy. You will start by establishing the first contact with a client and then go through the quotation process, tasks, financial...

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Manuals You will find a detailed description of all available Teamogy system functions in the manuals. The manuals are divided into several main areas that correspond to the modules in the Teamogy system. Each module begins with a brief description of the topic,...

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