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Overview of Electronic Approval Processes

Overview Of Electronic Approval ProcessesIn Teamogy, each type of document or entity can be managed through an approval process. Approval processes are created using a visual tool and incorporate references to approval roles, hierarchies, and other settings, which...

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About Electronic Approval Processes

About Electronic Approval ProcessesIn Teamogy, electronic approval processes can be utilized. Electronic approval processes are most commonly used for financial documents such as Sales Quotation, Purchase Orders, Sales Invoices, or Purchase Invoices. The approval...

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Teamogy Billing Process

Teamogy Billing Process The billing process for the use of Teamogy and related services is fully automated. And it works as follows. Proforma invoice On the 7th day of each month, a proforma invoice is automatically generated and sent to the client. This proforma...

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Management of Billing Addresses

Management Of Billing Addresses You can choose the addresses to which important e-mail communications and financial documents for using Teamogy will be sent. This can be set easily in Teamogy payments section. (Only account owner is allowed to access this page.)The...

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Teamogy Flow

Teamogy Flow New Teamogy Flow product is a tool for easy creation of complex integrations (IaaS - Integration as a Service). The Teamogy Flow product, utilizing the visual programming tool Node-RED®, enables the creation of various connections between APIs, online...

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E-mails in Teamogy

E-mails In TeamogyWe bring you the possibility to record e-mail communications directly in Teamogy. You can have your e-mails connected directly to tasks, documents, invoices, etc... You can also set your own rules to proceed them.  1. Receiving e-mails and processing...

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Entering The Credit Card

Entering The Credit Card to Teamogy Teamogy payments can be found in your Teamogy environment under the question mark icon (1), Teamogy payments (2). This view is available only for authorized users - Teamogy Account Owner / Clan Owner role.To add your credit card...

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Using AI Assistant in Teamogy

AI AssistantWe have newly integrated an AI assistant (ChatGPT-4 Turbo) into Teamogy. Every Teamogy user can now use it to make working with documents more comfortable and efficient.Implementig the new ChatGPT 4.0 Turbo version brings better experience to Teamogy...

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