We have introduced the QUALITY FOCUSED brand. Why do you have to look for the brand?
Naďa Šolcová
October 21, 2020

Many of us often wonder how clean it really is back in the kitchen as we sit and eat a meal at a restaurant. Some clients may be wondering how it works inside their supplier‘s company.

The final outputs of a company are visible, whether it is an architectural solution, advertising, or PR.
Was it a painful process that was full of misunderstandings and adjusted budgets and deadlines, or was the cooperation enjoyable, accurate, and clear? All of these aspects are important for successful cooperation and selection of the right supplier, especially when it comes to longer-term cooperation.

Companies that are using Teamogy have full control over their daily work. The work of individual employees is meaningfully planned – it is clear who is working, what the person is working on, how long the task takes, and how much it costs. Communication regarding individual projects can take place directly in the specific Job within the system or with the built-in chat option. Using Teamogy brings “profit” not only to users but also to their clients.

These are the main advantages of Teamogy:

Accurately estimate time demands for projects
and thus a price budget with minimal deviations during implementation.

Fully control the entire process of each implemented project at any time and from anywhere.

Correctly estimate a possible completion date
and assist in meeting promised deadlines.

Effectively and easily communicate not only with the client and the supplier but also within the internal team during the entire project implementation.

Place purchase orders in mutually accessible documents and agreements,
including monitoring the dates of their fulfillment.

This is why we have decided to give all our clients who are currently making full use of the Teamogy system…the QUALITY FOCUSED brand.

They will be able to clearly determine the quality of the company’s internal operations, providing solid, accurate information to aid in making sound business decisions.

At the Digiexpo in January 2020 that was organized by Médiář, we introduced the QUALITY FOCUSED brand.

Libor Černý (Managing Director of AD-IN-ONE Europe) presented the QUALITY FOCUSED brand at Digiexpo 2020


is used by companies working professionally with the Teamogy system. These companies professionally manage their daily work and thus increase the quality of their services for their clients.



Naďa is a member of the management team for AD-IN-ONE Europe. She specializes in coaching and marketing communication. She is a certified coach of ICF and ČAKO and the holder of the Direct Marketer of the Year award bestowed by the ADMEZ Association. She has been involved in marketing for over twenty-five years and coaching for the last seven years. In her free time, she enjoys sailing and is an active fan of modern gymnastics, which she participated in during her youth.

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