Branding Agency AMPRO: Our profitability of individual job positions has increased.

Cristi Cucu
November 6, 2020

We are honored that Irinel Ionescu, the founder of the Branding Agency AMPRO, took the time to talk with us. AMPRO has won 62 international awards in the category Packaging Design in recent years.


Cristi: What was the main reason you started looking for a system for your company?

Irinel: In 2010-2011, I realized that we needed a good system to increase the effectiveness of the company in relation to our workers. The most important asset you have in business is the time of the workers. The basic success hinges on correctly recorded timesheets. At that time, I researched the possible options on the market, and I discovered AD-IN-ONE among the possible systems. We have been using it happily for a few years now.

However, as technology evolves, cloud-based solutions have begun to replace server-based solutions. That’s why I was very happy that the company that developed the AD-IN-ONE system took advantage of its years of experience with meeting clients‘ needs and came up with the new cloud-based system called Teamogy. So I wasn’t even interested in looking for a new system, we merely switched to the more modern product of the company that we’ve been working with for years.

Irinel Ionescu, the founder of the Branding Agency AMPRO


Cristi: What do you appreciate the most about the new Teamogy system?

Irinel: …that is an online solution. We have up-to-date information whenever we need it. We also like that the system is very simple and without unnecessary functions.

Cristi: Is there something different after the implementation of Teamogy in your agency?

Irinel: People work better. I see a major impact on profitability, which has increased, thanks to Teamogy. The profitability of individual job positions has increased, and we have it under control.

Cristi: Could you tell us more about how you achieved that with Teamogy?

Irinel: This is due to the fact that all worked hours are reported for specific projects, so we can easily charge all the work to the client. In addition, people make better use of their time; they are more efficient because they can see the total hourly budget of the project and how much they have already worked in relation to that.

And there is something else. We all probably know the Pareto Principle, the 80/20 rule. With Teamogy, I can comfortably see at any time which 20% of projects generate 80% of our profits, and that helps me a lot in further decision making.


Cristi: How quickly did your team learn to work with Teamogy?

Irinel: In one month. And I think it was a pretty smooth process.

Cristi: And what do your colleagues at the agency say about Teamogy?

Irinel: My colleagues are very happy with Teamogy.

Cristi: How did you motivate the team to start using the new system?

Irinel: I forced them 🙂 . I’m just kidding. They understand the importance of working with Teamogy.

Cristi: Does everyone in the agency use Teamogy? Which employees use Teamogy the most?

Irinel: Yes, Teamogy is used by everyone, and probably the most demanding and intensive users are in the “client service” department.

Cristi: Where do you see the main benefits of Teamogy?

Irinel: We have access to our system from any device and at any place because the internet is pretty much everywhere today. And nowadays, during this time of the “coronavirus,” everyone can work effectively from their home offices.

Cristi: If a friend from another company asked you about Teamogy, would you recommend the system to him?

Irinel: Yes, I would recommend it.


Cristi: Thank you for the interview and your time.

Ampro, founded in 2005, is a leading Romanian Branding Agency with international experience in strategic design for consumer brands. The brands developed by the Agency are distinguished by innovative design, which allow them to experience great business results in a constantly changing, competitive market.



Cristi has worked for more than 15 years in the agencies, primarily as a financial consultant or financial director. He founded the company GR8 Business Consultancy, which is Teamogy’s exclusive certified partner for the Romanian market. Cristi likes sport, Czech beer and Czech software.

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