Sophisticated and precise localization of Teamogy – interview with the country manager for Romania

Naďa Šolcová

Teamogy is becoming an essential everyday tool in companies around the world. Why is it successful in getting clients in many countries? And what exactly does tailoring a system to a particular market look like?

As a user friendly tool, it has been used by thousands of users from Mexico to Europe to the United Arab Emirates to effectively manage their business, projects and teams.

The huge advantage of the system is not only the data interconnection, but also the language localization – and the customization of Teamogy for financial reporting and invoicing in different currencies. This includes, among other things, the ability to set arbitrary VAT values or connect to local financial institutions.

One of the many places where we have been active for a long time is Romania. Many companies from different sectors have used Teamogy here, such as the branding agency Ampro, the architectural studios Arhigest and Submit, and the PR and marketing agency Centrade.

How exactly does Teamogy help these companies? Cristi Cucu, Teamogy country manager for Romania, tells you in a new interview for Business Review Magazine. In the article you will find out more:

  • how Romanian companies view the digitalisation of business processes,
  • what makes Romanian companies specific,
  • what Romanian clients praise Teamogy for,
  • how exactly we have adapted Teamogy to the market environment of the largest Balkan country,
  • what plans our local office has for the next year.

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