A better overview of the company’s finances and simplified creation of client quotations.

Libor Černý
The new Teamogy 3.10 version brings even greater insight into company’s finances with the ability to process bank statements. Additionally, we introduce the new Price list module, which will simplify user’s creation of client quotations through predefined price list items and many other enhancements.

What are all the new features that Teamogy 3.10 brings?

Bank transactions and statements


While it’s not alchemy to manage invoicing and cashflow, SMEs (according to a study by Sage – https://www.sage.com/en-us/blog/late-payments-get-paid-faster/) spend an average of 15 days a year dealing with outstanding invoices. But the fault is not just with clients. Incomplete visibility of bank flows and incorrect matching of individual payments to invoices also contribute to late payments.

We can’t do much about your customers’ lateness, but with the new Bank module, which you’ll find in the Teamogy Finance section, we’ll give you an overview of a significant part of your company’s financial operations and we will help improve your company’s finances. Teamogy now allows you to:

  • upload and process bank statements,
  • pair individual bank transactions with related documents,
  • instantly find out the status of individual invoices.

To have banking transactions in Teamogy, all you need to do is download the bank statement from your bank in XML or GPC format (or other supported format) for the selected period and upload it to Teamogy.

Individual transactions are automatically matched with issued invoices and other documents according to the variable symbol and amount on the document. These automations can, of course, be customized individually, and transactions can also be manually assigned to financial documents.

Perfect overview of financial operations in 1 click

In addition to financial managers and accountants, the module will also make company management happy. Thanks to the data interconnection of the entire Teamogy system, it is possible to immediately see which invoices have already been paid by the client. At the same time, they can immediately see whether they have paid the entire amount or only a part of it (see numbers 1 and 2 in the screenshot below). The same applies, of course, to outgoing payments to suppliers.

“Almost all of our clients manage all their financial documents in Teamogy. They invoice jobs to clients, enter supplier invoices, approve and match them to jobs or overheads. So pairing payments from statements was the next logical step to give our customers even more control over their cash flow.
Kateřina Ambrusová

Client Service Director, Teamogy

Price list and price list items


Saving time, less routine for staff and the ability to have hourly rates for different clients available in one place. With this vision in mind, we created the new Price list module. In it, you can add items that your company frequently sells (or orders ) with a few clicks.

Entering items into the price list is straightforward, just click Add price list item (numbers 1and 2 in the screenshot below). We recommend entering products and services that have a long-term fixed and well calculated cost and selling price, in the case of purchased items only the purchase price).

The individual items can be easily sorted hierarchically. For example, marketing and PR agencies sort their price list by client, architectural and design studios by project phase. You can also add a code designation to each line item for easier budget entry (numbers 1 and 2 below). The assigned code or name will then add the item to any budget in seconds.

The use of the price list greatly simplifies and speeds up the work of users who create quotations for clients. Now, they only need to select individual items from the price list, add their quantities, and the quotation is ready.

Like the Bank module, we will be happy to activate the Price list module and guide you through its use during onboarding.

In addition to making the work of creating quotations easier, the new module allows firms to reflect on the structure of the price list and revise hourly rates for clients or revise externally purchased items. We have discussed this topic with clients many times during onboarding and I believe it is a very useful functionality for any company.
Jan Pihík

Senior Onboarding Manager, Teamogy

More news

Launch Teamogy with one click from the desktop on Windows or from the dock on macOS? No problem thanks to the ability to install an application extension. Just click on the download icon to the right of the address bar and confirm the integration into the operating system. It only takes a few seconds:

But this is not the end of the list of new features in the current version of Teamogy. For example, we have added:

  • the ability to upload attachments to tasks, quotations, invoices and other documents before saving them,
  • the ability to customize the layout and display of elements in the task form according to the needs of each user,
  • checking for duplication of invoices (to avoid multiple insertions by employees),
  • the function of invoicing according to the actual costs, i.e. without a surcharge – e.g. if you invoice a client for the cost of PPC campaigns or social media advertising (typically used by media houses and digital agencies).


For a full overview of what’s new in Teamogy, see the release note for version 3.10 .



Managing Director

Libor has devoted most of his professional career to working with advertising agencies and service-oriented companies to increase their productivity. He has been with AD-IN-ONE Europe for nearly twenty years, and today, through Teamogy, he continues to help Teamogy clients and partners around the world become more organized, efficient, and profitable. In his free time, Libor is an enthusiastic tennis player and likes to pass on his sports experience to his children.

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