Manolo Techera, CCO of M&C Saatchi Chilanga and Alvaro Dopico, CEO of M&C Saatchi Chilanga

M&C Saatchi Chilanga uses Teamogy

Francisco Omaire
February 10, 2021

We had the opportunity to speak with the CEO and Partner of the renowned Mexican communication agency M&C Saatchi Chilanga, Mr. Alvaro Dopico.


Francisco: You have been working in senior positions for many years in the advertising and communication industry, always for major brands. What are the main trends in advertising and marketing lately?

Alvaro DopicoWe can see trends everywhere – and there are some very good ones – but, I think, perhaps, that brands should be more concerned today about something more than just trends. Instead, our focus should be on what response people have the day they ask themselves, “What did this brand do for me in the pandemic, and how did it help me?” That response is much more vital than trends, and it has begun to have a leading role in the market today.

One of the agency’s campaigns, this time the client is the agency itself

Francisco: Is there a project your agency completed recently that you find very interesting?

Alvaro Dopico: We are actually working on a project right now that should have been on the air 40 days ago. However, due to lockdown issues, we had to leave it on standby.  This goes back to my first answer: how does this brand understand me, know what happens to me, and know what is important to me? I also hope to be able to tell you about a new communication campaign soon that involves a lot of innovation behind the scenes.

Francisco: What areas do you see as the most problematic in your industry?

Alvaro DopicoNice question! I really would say that there are a few very key problem areas. One is agency pitches because they are, overall, unregulated and unpaid. Another is confusing technology with ideas and understanding that the idea is just as important as the execution in order to achieve the final desired result. Lastly, people need to understand that building a brand takes time as well as sales in the short term to achieve growth in the long term.

Francisco: What was the main reason you were looking for a system for your company?

Alvaro Dopico: To help us to grow and to have all of the agency’s processes in one place. We were looking for a unique platform where we have everything in one place.

The agency started with one single principle: Brutal Simplicity of Thought.

Francisco: What systems or applications were used in your company before Teamogy?

Alvaro Dopico: We didn´t use any. We used standard tools, but they were not effectively integrated..

FranciscoWhat is different now in your company since the implementation of Teamogy?

Alvaro Dopico: Everything. We can open the system and see all of our projects and their statuses.

FranciscoAre there any “fans”/”ambassadors” in the company? 

Alvaro DopicoThe key ambassador is our IT guy who brought Teamogy to our agency. He convinced me and people to try it and now we can see that Teamogy really helps us to have our work better organised. 

FranciscoHow did you motivate your team to start using Teamogy?

Alvaro Dopico: Well, all we really said to the team was that with Teamogy, our work will improve in every aspect. And as we can see, it’s a true. 

Francisco: Does everyone in the company use Teamogy?

Alvaro Dopico: Yes, both the creative and client services departments.

Francisco: For what are you using Teamogy the most in the company?

Alvaro Dopico: For the day-to-day work. The most important thing is to know the status of projects and the hours we are working for the clients. We are also more organized with deadlines and deliveries.

FranciscoIf your friend from another company asked you about Teamogy, what would you tell them? Would you recommend this tool?

Alvaro DopicoYes, we would recommend Teamogy without a doubt.

FranciscoWhat do you personally use in Teamogy the most and why?

Alvaro Dopico: I personally use the option to view the whole agency and see the big picture.

Francisco: Thank you for your time and I wish you a lot of success with great campaigns.


M&C SAATCHI Chilanga is part of M&C SAATCHI Worldwide, the world’s largest independent marketing communications group. With 29 offices, the network employs more than 1,800 people who service over 200 clients. The agency was founded in 1995 by Maurice and Charles Saatchi (after they left Saatchi & Saatchi) and is the fastest-growing start-up in advertising history. The agency started with one single principle: Brutal Simplicity of Thought. It is easier to complicate than simplify. Simple ideas enter the brain quicker and stay there longer. Brutal Simplicity of Thought is therefore a painful necessity.



Francisco worked as an IT consultant for 19 years and a during 2019 became an exclusive certified partner of Teamogy in Mexico.

He has worked for advertising agencies, PR agencies, architectural studios, lawyers’ offices, etc.

He is passionate about triathlon, sports and good speech.

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