What’s new in Teamogy 2.11

Release date: 2019-07-29


  • Graphs in view Task status
  • Custom range – filter your documents faster than ever!
  • Financial reports – check quoted/recorders hours on job
  • Tag in task


Bug Fixes
  • Clone fix – clone button will set default status now
Improvement details


1. Graphs in view Task status

We would like to introduce you a new way, how to compare time effectivness in your agency. Go to Task Status view and check on the graph how many hours your colleagues have recorded comparing with task allocation! Red line means that we’ve spent more time on task than allocated.


2. Custom range – filter your records faster than ever!

Finally, we come with an advanced filtering of your data. Now in all relevant views you can use a custom date range and see / export only required dates.

3. Financial reports – check quoted/recorders hours on job

We added quoted hours and recorded hours to financial reports. Check the screen below. It allows you to easily compare quoted hours and really spent hours on job. Now you can have all overspent hours under control – all of them are red highlighted.

4. Tag in task

Add tags to your tasks like in other documents or jobs in Teamogy. Tags are also available in Task views so you can use them as filter.

Bug fixes

1. Clone fix

If you used a Clone button in past, it did not set a status for your new document. It is over now. If you use clone button, you will get a new document with default status.