Agency Credentials and Teamogy
Naďa Šolcová
October 22, 2020

What does the client really want from you when he asks for “credentials”?
Credentials are a type of company CV and introduction of the agency. Ideally, it should produce positive rational behavior and emotions from the clients.

In other words, the information in the credentials should clearly show to the client that your agency is the best one to meet their needs. However, like in life when we get into a relationship, a rational decision alone is not enough. We have to also fall in love. This emotional aspect is the opportunity to show the agency’s creativity and innovative ideas as well as to allow the customer to take a deep look inside the company to see your team and what makes your agency unique and interesting.

So here are 10 basic parts of credentials.
You are only limited by your own creativity when developing your agency’s credentials. However, sometimes, a client also has clear ideas regarding credentials. The following points are also inspired by these client requirements.

1. Basic information about the agency

  • Name and address of the agency
  • Year of establishment, ID number, ownership structure… and possibly other facts required by the client

2. Financial data about the agency

  • Turnover of the company in x years (usually in the last 3 years) – You can add some justifying comment
  • The company’s profit for x years (usually for the last 3 years) – You can also add some justifying comment

Tips in Teamogy:

Financial data can be processed and saved as a document for a presentation. You can limit access rights to it if you wish, only allowing a few select team members with editing rights to the document and well as set the document to Read Only. A great benefit to remember is that while using Teamogy, you will always find needed financial information easily from various angles directly in the system. Team members must have access rights for the given views in order to access this data.

3. Organizational structure of the agency:

  • Organizational scheme
  • Indication of the teams that will be in contact with the client

4. Personnel information

  • Introduction of key team members
  • Introduction of team members that will be in contact with the client
  • For example, it may include:
    • The position of the team member in the agency and the role towards the client
    • Education and relevant professional training
    • Number of years of experience in the practice
    • Relevant practice – You can write examples of work with clients with similar issues or from the same category (e.g., “What am I looking forward to the most?”)

Tips in Teamogy:

You can also have all of the team members created in the “Contacts” section. Within the person’s business profile, it is possible to attach a CV profile which is prepared uniformly for all of the team members in the same structure. Depending on which team is presented to the client, only the CV profiles of the potential team will be created.

5. Agency awards

  • Results, awards, and “trophies” of the agency from various competitions or entities

6. Mission of the Agency

  • What makes the company superior – what benefits the agency brings to the client.

7. Services of the Agency

  • An overview of the services provided by the agency
  • How the agency works, what tools the agency utilizes for professional work (system for the daily operations of the agency, monitoring of deadlines, costs, etc.), and how they are beneficial in cooperation. Here, Teamogy can be a truly competitive advantage.
  • Personal guarantees of individual services – heads of departments and their visions

8. Examples of works

  • Case studies – examples of fulfillment
    • The required goals of the client, initial situation and client assignment
    • Goal strategy/solution proposal
    • Examples of realisation
    • Evaluation, ROI, efficiency
  • Creative realization – examples of interesting creative solutions

9. Client references

  • Opinions of selected clients on working with the agency. The simplest way is probably a quote from the client and along with the client’s photo if possible. It can also be a short video interview with selected clients or footage from projects with additional comments.

10. Summary at the end

  • The reasons why the client should choose your agency – it is always good to find reasons specific to the potential project (for example, great experience in the client’s category, etc.)
  • Competitive advantages (professionally managed agency, orders for the client are fully under control in financial terms, etc.)

Tips in Teamogy:

Point 5. – 10. can exist as individual presentations / documents stored in Teamogy Gems. These documents will be Read-Only with editing rights being only assigned to whom you designate. For case studies, it is advantageous to determine a unifying structure into which case studies will be continuously written. When you need them quickly and have no time to waste, they are quickly available in a unified format.

Credentials – think more about the client than about yourself

While credentials are definitely about introducing the agency, they should not solely be self-centered and present only your achievements. They should focus on the benefit to the client – what he can get from working with you, how the cooperation will take place, etc… Credentials should contain information that directly affects and interests the client. We can influence, for example, by selecting relevant case studies or personal references of carefully selected clients with similar needs.

Tips in Teamogy:

If the application is used correctly, one of the benefits for the agency’s client is that the agency uses Teamogy. This means that the agency works systematically, tasks have clear supervision and deadlines, and everything is “under control.” Communication regarding the Job is efficiently handled, and the client can rest assured that the cooperation with your agency will be a pleasant one. He will be able to rely on the agency that the project will be well managed. There is no place for chaos.



Naďa is a member of the management team for AD-IN-ONE Europe. She specializes in coaching and marketing communication. She is a certified coach of ICF and ČAKO and the holder of the Direct Marketer of the Year award bestowed by the ADMEZ Association. She has been involved in marketing for over twenty-five years and coaching for the last seven years. In her free time, she enjoys sailing and is an active fan of modern gymnastics, which she participated in during her youth.

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