Data chaos is sneaking into companies

Libor Černý
November 18, 2020

“You’ll find that Sales quotation on a shared drive! … What? Can’t you see? Wait, I probably forgot to upload it. Wait until this evening; I’m not at my PC right now.”

“Tomorrow? I thought it didn’t need to be done until next week. Send me the assignment; somehow I can’t find it anywhere.”

“Mrs. Accountant, can you please tell me how my company is doing right now? How much profit have we made in the first half of the year? Ok, then – I’ll wait until Monday.”

These are just snippets of conversations that we hear in companies every day. Instead of focusing on what they enjoy and making ends meet, they are overworked. They end up working on a duplicate assignments, wasting time searching for the necessary documents or information. They are fighting data chaos.

What’s going on around us
We visit a lot of companies and meet a lot of people. Lately, especially virtually, we manage to arrange those meetings much more often. It is not very difficult to see what is happening in companies and what they are struggling with.

We all have demanding clients. There are always those who expect us to be online and available. Clients expect quick answers, thorough updates, access to documents, and perfectly managed Jobs.

Remote work. Whether it’s necessary because of limitations – which are many today – or because working from a home office is a corporate benefit, remote work is becoming a new standard in many companies and industries. At the same time, the possibility of working at different hours of the day or night is growing as well. Teams composed of members from different cities, regions, and countries are becoming commonplace. Virtual collaboration is becoming a quickly growing trend, and a physical presence in the office is becoming history in some types of companies.


Using Multiple Applications. Companies and individuals are trying to respond to the growing demands of the market, clients and management staff. They are looking for ways to simplify some activities. Today, there are many useful applications that can solve partial problems perfectly. The problem occurs when a different application is used for each problem. An overview of what is happening in the company as a whole is lost, and the user can simply become a slave to these applications.

Data Chaos Is Quite Common Today
Without a conceptual solution, companies will sooner or later find themselves in over their heads.

How to recognize this condition?

Symptom 1.

Communication in the company starts to break down, important documents and information become increasingly difficult to find, Some data is entered multiple times into different applications, some are not recorded at all. These are signs that data chaos is sneaking into the company.

    Symptom 2

    Invoicing is quite often delayed (In the worst cases, some Jobs are forgotten about and not invoiced at all). Or, even if a Job has been invoiced, not everything is included because some hours are simply not reported, external costs are not allocated, or some Jobs are long-term undervalued due to a misjudgment. The company is starting to waste money unnecessarily.

    Symptom 3

    People are frustrated because they do not communicate well with each other. They spend a lot of time looking for documents and information or chasing colleagues to get information about how far they are with their work. Some people are overworked, some have nothing to do, and some spend their working time inefficiently – but no one sees them at home either. Projects are delayed because the team does not share the necessary information. Cooperation is all but non-existent.

    Symptom 4

    Management cannot easily obtain data for the company’s management. A lot of phone calls or emails must be made in order to find out how the company is really doing, what and when a Job will be billed, or what the costs will be. A simple overview of the company cannot be found.

    It must be said that almost every company will encounter these symptoms to some extent. It is a natural development, but the outcome depends on if and how the company’s management reacts. Proper order in the company’s data, effective team cooperation, and an overview of the company’s health can provide a distinct competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced world.

    How to get out of it?
    There are many ways to deal with these specific problems. The key is to realize and admit that the problem may occur or has already occurred.

    There are plenty of solutions on the market to help organize data, support team collaboration and communication, and improve records and work with key company information.

    Each business owner can then (on his own or in cooperation with his team) evaluate whether he can solve everything with a pencil and paper, with the help of Excel sheets and shared files, or whether he wants to add more applications that he will interconnect with the existing applications.

    Or he can choose one comprehensive system to help cover key business activities and save time spent unnecessarily logging in and transferring data between different applications.

    And what about us at Teamogy?
    At Teamogy, we are committed to reliability, clarity, and ensuring the essential are all in one place. This is also one of the reasons why we have launched It helps companies and their employees keep their data organized from the first contact with the client to the final invoicing of a project. It supports teamwork and communication and provides a comprehensive view of what is happening in the company.

    If you are interested in ending (or preventing) data chaos in your company, we would be happy to introduce you to how Teamogy can work for you. Just register for an individual “First taste presentation.”



    Managing Director

    Libor has devoted most of his professional career to working with advertising agencies and service-oriented companies to increase their productivity. He has been with AD-IN-ONE Europe for nearly twenty years, and today, through Teamogy, he continues to help Teamogy clients and partners around the world become more organized, efficient, and profitable. In his free time, Libor is an enthusiastic tennis player and likes to pass on his sports experience to his children.

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