Do you want more time, energy and money?

Naďa Šolcová
June 29, 2021

Do you know there is a system that saves time, gives you more energy, and at the same time brings more money into your company? This is not a fairy tale; this is Teamogy.

These days present a lot of new challenges for every company. The business environment is changing, but so are the work habits of employees. New requirements arise from the client and suppliers as well. There is more pressure to digitize and change old processes.

Every company must meet these challenges in order to remain competitive in this rapidly evolving environment. One of the major challenges is the introduction of modern technologies into the company, facilitating the work of its employees and the creation of new methods and automatic processes that lead to greater productivity and profits.

Teamogy is a cloud system that allows you to effectively manage the entire company. Let’s take a closer look, though, at how Teamogy can really save your business time, increase your profits, and free up energy for other activities.


Time is a key asset in most companies, especially in those whose profit is generated by selling hours of people from the team. These are, for example, consulting firms, marketing agencies, architectural studios, and law firms.

Companies that use an integrated timekeeping and payroll solution can exceed revenue targets by 7%. (ASAP Payroll Service, 2021)

Time reporting provides the company with very crucial information about the status of the project, how much time has already been invested in each project, and how busy each team member is. Without time records reported on the projects, the company is often unable to accurately estimate the time required for the project, and thus, financially underestimates its projects. Without knowing it, the company loses potential profits.

The data obtained from Teamogy is a great source for creating budgets and other financial plans and sheets. With the help of time reports, the company also acquires internal knowledge on the average time requirements of individual tasks or projects. This information will be used for other projects, which can be correctly priced thanks to it. Read the interview – The architects from APATÉ STUDIO say, “Now we value our work much more realistically.”.

Teamogy offers a complete time management solution with many powerful features. You can report time for a specific project, and then you can turn around and see it in the financial reports to determine whether or not you are meeting the expected time schedule. You can also use the stopwatch feature that will measure the time on a specific project or task.


Two key features of Teamogy time records are their simplicity and speed of entry.

Approximately 50% of professionals who do not have automated systems say manual data input and data adjustments are the most time-consuming parts of the process. (Deloitte, 2019)

Teamogy helps the business correctly price all of the hours worked and thus gain greater profits. As an added benefit, the system offers automated processes and numerous useful reports that save employees valuable time normally spent searching for information and entering manual data.


Revenue is a key indicator of any successful and prosperous company. One of the important activities that brings in revenue is invoicing. However, many other tasks require your attention as you focus on successfully turning a profit. Quite often you are in charge of numerous projects at the same time while you simultaneously managing a team. If you lack a robust system to monitor that all projects have been invoiced correctly, there may be times when you do not have the time or space to focus solely on invoicing. Unfortunately, the worst may even happen: you may simply forget to send the client an invoice. This is a very common situation, as surveys show.

Of the micro businesses surveyed, 34.6% reported that they had forgotten to invoice a client at some point. For 50% of these business owners, the amount lost was at least £250, and nearly 8% reported that they had lost at least £1,000. (Amaiz, 2020)

If you do not issue an invoice and send it to the client immediately, it is very easy to forget to do it later because of your workload and time constraints. In Teamogy, creating client invoices is very simple. They contain all of the necessary essentials and are immediately ready for printing. In each project, you will also immediately see whether an invoice has already been issued to the client or not.


Do you want to know if the project has already been invoiced? In Teamogy, you can quickly see all the financial documents that are related to a specific project – budget, orders, invoices, and more.

Another problem that companies face is supplier invoices or duplicate supplier invoices.

Seven in ten (71%) businesses have concerns about their supplier invoice process, with late and duplicate payments at the top of the list. (Concur, 2015)

Invoice duplication is a problem in many companies. Suppliers can send an invoice in both paper and electronic form, and sometimes they send the same invoice more than twice to speed up payment. With the large number of invoices that a company receives, it is often difficult to check whether it is a duplicate invoice or not. Some companies have even paid the received invoice twice.

Three in five companies have received a duplicate invoice from their suppliers. (Concur, 2015)

With Teamogy, you have full control over all invoices. Client and supplier invoices in Teamogy have their own overviews, and you can find any invoice using filters within just a few seconds. Thanks to the filters, you can also make sure that you have not received a duplicate invoice from the supplier.


Filtering is a great tool for finding any invoices you need.


Teamogy is not only associated with saving time and money related to daily work, but it is also a tool that helps improve communication and coordination within the company. This, in turn, has a positive effect on the work atmosphere and relationships between employees. It prevents possible complications associated with misunderstandings or misunderstanding the task. This way, people can devote their energy and efforts to activities that are key to the company’s profitability.

Four in five employees believe that effective internal business communications help their job performance. (Smarp, 2020)

Well-managed communication helps a company be successful. Teamogy offers many options for communicating within a project or task, as well as in a standard chat format. Everything is integrated within one system, without the need to have multiple applications open at once.


Standard chat communication is the fastest way to contact a colleague.

The assigned manager can manage the whole team from anywhere, he can control and create tasks for his people, describe individual tasks and problems thoroughly, as well as offer a helping hand or guidance when it is needed. He also knows the strengths of each team member and can use them for the benefit of the company.

When teams learn and focus on their strengths every day, their productivity improves. This produces an additive effect of up to 8% higher revenue per employee, for a total of 59% higher revenue growth potential. (Gallup, 2015)

Creating new tasks, allocating time, setting deadlines, and assigning them to specific employees is a quick process in Teamogy. At the same time, you can add a detailed description, attachments, or discussion to each task. All employees will have all of the information in one place.


You will find all of the details within the given task.

We have clearly shown how a complex system such as Teamogy can help you and how the investment in Teamogy will really pay off many times over.

By reporting time records, your revenue can increase by up to 7%. The bonus: you will not have to work with manual data entry anymore. By tracking the time worked on each project, you will also know the exact cost and the real profit for each client.

With Teamogy, you will have control over the finances of your company. It cannot only save you money but also help you make higher profits.

At the same time, you get a system that supports the coordination of the entire team and provides internal communication – both of which are crucial for higher employee productivity.

As great as these benefits are, Teamogy can offer each company even more! Register and we will be happy to allow you to explore the system for free.




Tiep is an integral part of the AD-IN-ONE European team. He uses his knowledge of the Teamogy system to create manuals and release notes. As part of the team that focuses on expansion to other markets, he specializes in content creation and is the main coordinator of language translations. He enjoys helping his colleagues and Teamogy users through his work. In his free time, he enjoys watching sports, traveling, and exploring new places.


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