Now I have the Dynamo “helicopter view” with a detailed view

Libor Černý
February 8, 2021

The first client of the Teamogy system is Dynamo Design. We talked with the owner and director, Michal Richtr, about how he looks at his decision to use the Teamogy system over time and what changes Teamogy has brought to his company or directly to him personally. The conversation was very pleasant for several reasons. Despite the challenging year of 2020, Dynamo was doing well commercially, and satisfaction with Teamogy’s management of Dynamo‘s design and communication projects was interesting and at a high level.


LiborYou are our very first client, so we can say that of all our users, you have been using Teamogy the longest. How satisfied are you with the system overall?

Michal Richtr: Personally, I can say that I really fell in love with Teamogy. I’m almost addicted to it, especially to certain views in the system.  Thanks to these views, I have a great overview of how the entire company is doing and what is happening. I have an overview I’ve never had before. I have a detailed view of the jobs and a “helicopter view” – it’s just a question of what glasses I will put on today. Not only do I have all of the information I need, but I can also access it very quickly. I don’t have to spend hours analyzing. I just look at Teamogy, and I know everything I need. The system is really very user-friendly, even for a person like me who prefers personal action and discussion.

LiborThanks. That sounds great. And what about the team? Is Teamogy used by everyone with equal enthusiasm?

Michal RichtrTeamogy is used by everyone, even those who work remotely. I can’t imagine having people in a home office on a team without Teamogy. During these times with covid, home offices… It would be very complicated for us without Teamogy. As for enthusiasm, honestly, the owner or director of the company logically has the greatest enthusiasm. The project manager, who is responsible for each job, managing its budget, updating the status and deadline, and ensuring accurate billing, also likes the system.


Libor: And what about creative professions?

Michal RichtrOf course, I understand that it’s not fun to fill in timesheets at the end of each day and it seems annoying to some, but when a designer is smart, he realizes that even though it is both a system and a control tool, he benefits from it. We can prove to the client all the hours actually worked on the project and, thus, have a better chance of being paid.

Dynamo created not only a new logo and visual style for Hostivar but also a complete communication concept, covered by the slogan „Our World.“ The concept works with the theme of the neighborhood community, viewed from the perspective of different guests, for whom Hostivar has become a home playground, clubhouse, and cultural center.

J&T’s new corporate identity has been in place since October 2020. The theme of growth and stability is represented by crystals of various shapes, colors, and compositions. Their form was created in 3D animation software Houdini. Experienced motion graphic artist Zbyněk Krulich and graphic designer Mikuláš Macháček together with the entire Dynamo team led by Jan Šlégr and Martin Holub, created a specific type of crystal for each company and the whole group, which corresponds to the character of each entity.

LiborSpeaking of projects, can you name one of the most recent projects that you are proud of at Dynamo?

Michal RichtrThis year was very busy for us.  We worked on a number of projects at the same time. We have a really great deal of work behind us. However what is great is that, thanks to Teamogy, we will clearly manage as many projects as we currently need. Clients have expanded the range of projects that they employ us for – from visual style to complete communication. You are asking about interesting projects. I actually have to choose two, which are such opposites. One project is “Hostivar Brewery.” We developed a communication concept, a new logo and visual style, and we completely trained them with the communication. The second project is the visual unification of the entire J&T Financial Group, allowing it to have an obvious continuity between the branches. We used a 3D model of the crystal for this.


LiborThank you for the interview and I wish the Dynamo team a lot of other great projects – that are managed in Teamogy, of course. 🙂

They are specialists in visual presentation and communication. Thanks to many years of experience and a unique methodology of work, Dynamo Design has built an exceptional position in the Czech market. He approaches individual projects comprehensively. It combines a strategic approach with creativity. The results of the work help clients succeed.



Managing Director

Libor has devoted most of his professional career to working with advertising agencies and service-oriented companies to increase their productivity. He has been with AD-IN-ONE Europe for nearly twenty years, and today, through Teamogy, he continues to help Teamogy clients and partners around the world become more organized, efficient, and profitable. In his free time, Libor is an enthusiastic tennis player and likes to pass on his sports experience to his children.

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