Now you can spend 20 hours a month doing better things than looking for documents

Naďa Šolcová
June 17, 2021

It is a given that digitalizing documents in an organized, well-archived manner will improve the effectiveness of employees‘ work. Electronic document organization is also a simpler and less expensive solution than paper documents. However, according to many studies, organizing and searching for documents remains one of the biggest problems and time-wasters that employees face.

Searching for information and needed documents is not only a big problem when people are working out of the office. A survey of 1,000 employees from the Nintex company in 2018 revealed that 49 % of all employees had difficulty finding documents. Another IDC – Information Worker Survey found that:

“On average, an employee spends 5 hours a week searching for documents. From the company’s point of view, this is 20 hours a month, when the employee wastes time and energy that would be better used for more efficient and better work.”

The main reason why searching for documents is such a big problem even today is either because they are disorganized due to an outdated organizational and archiving procedure or because a poorly chosen system is being used that does not offer a sufficiently comprehensive solution.

Calculate how much time and money you and your company can save.

Example of return on investment into Teamogy:
Studio with 15 employees – Monthly view Note
Number of people who work frequently with documents 5 employess Especially account and sales employees
Total time spent with documents 20 hours/ per person/ per month According to the IDC – Information Worker Survey
Time saving at least 40% thanks to Teamogy documents 8 hours/ per person/ per month Working with documents in Teamogy will take 12 hours/ per person/ per month while saving time by 40 %
Number of hours saved for the whole company 40 hours Only people who work frequently with documents are included
Average cost hourly rate of a person in the company 20 EUR
The value of time saved 800 EUR Time saved can be spend on more profitable activities than searching for documents


Price for Teamogy standard (annual payment)
1 user / month 23 EUR
Company with 15 employees 345 EUR

Only by working effectively with documents can the investment in Teamogy pay off in dividends of more than twice its cost every month.

By implementing new processes thanks to Teamogy, you can save employees’ time spent looking for documents. Even if Teamogy saves each of its five employees only an hour of time per week, it is based on a total of 20 hours per month, which means less money spent for the company, increased employee productivity, and a quick return on investment for Teamogy.

Teamogy provides a full-fledged document system with many necessary functions and security features while at the same time offering the interconnection of documents with other important parts for the management of the entire company.

We have prepared four interesting examples of how you can work with documents efficiently in Teamogy.

1. Document categorization
2. Templates and clones
3. Approval processes
4. Meeting reports connected with the tasks

Document categorization

In business, we often come across situations in which a large number of documents need to be kept for a longer period of time and kept at hand. Physical storage using various boxes and files is often used to organize these documents. However, this brings many problems. A larger number of physical documents takes up a large part of office space, and often, only a few people can find the necessary document for the client or accountant in these boxes and files. Those who can’t, rely on help, which takes valuable time and often causes distractions at the most inconvenient time.

Teamogy provides unlimited storage for all types of documents, such as budgets, orders, contracts, invoices, and more. More importantly, they are available to every relevant team member at any time and from anywhere. All you need to have is a browser and an internet connection.


Need to find an order with your main supplier for this year? Just use three filters and you have the document available in a few seconds. Check the GIFs above.

You can easily organize a large number of different documents using filters and various categories. You can find documents by author, document type, or creation date. You can also use tags to help put the document in context for more effective filtering.

Templates and clones

Using templates is a great thing for any business. It is a tool by which a company can ensure that every budget or order for a client or supplier contains all the key elements.

In Teamogy templates, the company can reflect the company’s know-how, which has been acquired through years of experience and negotiations with clients and suppliers. The correct rules and important requirements that a given document must contain are implemented in document templates. This will ensure that all the requisites are in a document created by a less-experienced or new colleague who cannot logically be expected to know everything.


You can simply clone a document or template and add the missing information.

In Teamogy, you can create your own printed form of documents that can be edited as needed – upload a company logo, edit the document header, or add predefined text in templates. Each user also has the option to set their own signature and then use it on created documents. If you are creating a very similar document to an existing one, you can use the “clone” function, create an identical new document and change only the necessary parts.

Approval processes

One of the most common time wasters is waiting for a superior to approve an order, budget, invoice, or the contents of any document. A paper document that is put off for a short time can be quickly forgotten by a supervisor, and urging via email or chat is not an effective solution and will take a lot of effort. The solution is a complex document systems with approval processes.

In Teamogy, for each document, you can see who needs to approve the document currently, who has already approved it, and what the next steps are in the approval process. The user is immediately notified of the document waiting for approval or revision by notifications. You don’t have to run to your colleagues for approval; Teamogy does it for you. You can view all documents awaiting approval in one report.


Approval process helps you to have all the documents under control.

Meeting reports connected with the tasks

Quite often, important points, comments, and tasks that resulted from a meeting with a client or supplier are completely forgotten. Meeting reports help the company plan the agenda of the meeting and write down all important notes and comments from the meeting.

Meeting reports are an integral part of the system. With the help of templates, you can also create a clear structure and agenda to help you be perfectly prepared for each meeting. A great benefit is the ability to link the meeting report with the tasks that resulted from the meeting.


You can control the individual status of tasks, the name of the responsible person, and their deadlines within the minutes of the meeting.

You can view all created tasks and their statuses within a specific meeting report. It is a very useful tool that makes your work more effective.

Reduce administrative burden, easily find any document in just a few seconds, create templates and clones, allow multiple users to collaborate on a single document, secure all data, and assign access permissions to documents … All of this can be done by Teamogy, no matter where and when you work.

Now you can spend more time on what is key to your business and what you enjoy.




Tiep is an integral part of the AD-IN-ONE European team. He uses his knowledge of the Teamogy system to create manuals and release notes. As part of the team that focuses on expansion to other markets, he specializes in content creation and is the main coordinator of language translations. He enjoys helping his colleagues and Teamogy users through his work. In his free time, he enjoys watching sports, traveling, and exploring new places.


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