Well-Managed Communication Is Integral to a Successful Company

Naďa Šolcová
March 15, 2021

One of the keys to a successful company is its employees and their cooperation with each other. However, effective cooperation often does not happen due to poor internal communication within the team.

Numerous professional studies and articles confirm the positive influence of internal communication on the outcome of the entire company. Even so, a significant number of managers do not communicate with their employees and do not pay nearly enough attention to it. In many cases, the company completely lacks the tools for effective communication. Properly established communication has a positive effect not only on the overall atmosphere and employee relationships but also on the productivity and profitability of the entire company.

To maintain well-managed internal communication, it is important to set rules that are supported by the company’s top management and, at the same time, that the appropriate tools for communication are provided.

Teamogy offers a comprehensive solution for communication for the entire team. Whether it is communication within a project, a sub-task, or a standard chat, everything is seamlessly connected in one user-friendly system. There is no more need to have multiple applications open at once.

Let’s take a look at some of the communication tools that Teamogy offers.

Teamogy Chat

Teamogy Chat can be used by the whole team. You can hold a classic conversation between two users or create rooms for more people. For example, you can easily create rooms with employees who work together on a specific job or create rooms for people from different branches or departments of your company. The history of the conversation in Teamogy Chat remains stored in the system, and you can go back and search for important messages at a later date, which is an indisputable advantage that other chat tools in the free version often do not offer.


The Chat layout in Teamogy is natural and comfortable. You can clearly see filtered conversations by people, rooms, documents, or tasks in the left panel.

The Chat feature offers you many options for communication. You can use a chat to write a message, send attachments and tables, or create a video conference in meet.teamogy.com. Another advantage is the option to set up sound notifications that immediately notify you of each new message. You can easily adjust the volume of the notification or turn it off in the user profile.


In Teamogy, you can follow any Comments section of a specific task, job, or document in Chat. In the Comments tab, simply click on the “eye” icon, and the Comments will appear in the Chat under the name of the given task, job, or document.

Teamogy Meet

Teamogy Meet is a reliable chat companion and a quality tool for quickly creating an online meeting without the need for registration.

Just go to meet.teamogy.com, enter the name of the room (virtual “conference”), and invite colleagues or clients with a link without any restrictions. Teamogy Meet is fully encrypted and secure. It includes video, chat or sharing, screen recording, and more.

In the settings, you can create a password to enter the room or look at details, for example, who spoke the most at the meeting.


You can easily launch Teamogy Meet in your browser in just a few seconds and is very simple and responsive to control.

Collaborative mode in Teamogy

Collaborative mode allows you to effortlessly edit a Document simultaneously by multiple users. If the user is currently editing the Document, other users have the option to go into collaborative mode to edit the text and track changes in the same Document. Collaborative mode can also be used in tasks or gems.


In collaborative mode, you’ll see the profiles of those people currently working on the document.

Teamogy offers many other useful functions beyond internal communication. Register today to explore the system for free.




Tiep is an integral part of the AD-IN-ONE European team. He uses his knowledge of the Teamogy system to create manuals and release notes. As part of the team that focuses on expansion to other markets, he specializes in content creation and is the main coordinator of language translations. He enjoys helping his colleagues and Teamogy users through his work. In his free time, he enjoys watching sports, traveling, and exploring new places.


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