10. Effective communication is vital for company health

Having effective team communication is the dream. However, inapproriate and inaccurate communication is nightmare and can cause many problems for a company. People get frustrated, and they waste a lot of time looking for documents and information. Projects end up being delayed because the team does not share the necessary information.

What can Teamogy help to sort out in your company?
  • Communication and files are easily shared in one place.
  • Files are attached to the coordinating Teamogy documents.
  • Communication threads about the actual project are stored in each individual Comments section.
  • Internal meetings are fully in control. 
A specific example:
Let’s check how Teamogy can improve your communication.

Teamogy allows you to see the communication overview of everything right within the system.

Communication inside the Task section helps team members stay informed.

This equals to no more delays and no more forgotten work!

Communicate with colleagues right in Teamogy – no external chat applications or post-it notes needed.

If you would like to make sure that your colleague will do it immediately, you can write him short a message or reminder in the chat.

We have an integrated tool for internal online meetings inside Teamogy.

Create a virtual room for the meeting and as well as create a report when you are done.

Easily attach files to Teamogy documents.

It allows you to find it whenever you need to, saving you time.

The company avoids the chaos caused by sending an e-mail with attachments to ten people


How to try everything directly in the system:
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