8. Jobs billed accurately and punctually

Timely and accurate invoicing is crucial for everyone who wants to run a profitable business and meet their obligations on time. Late job invoicing, unauthorized billing, unapproved hours by the client, or complicated, or even forgotten invoicing can have disastrous consequences for any company.

What can Teamogy help to sort out in your company?
  • Overview of all jobs ready for billing – nothing will be forgotten.
  • Issuing a client invoice with a single click – it is done so easily.
  • Automatically completed data on the invoice (billing address, due date, amounts) – the invoice will be correct and accurate.
  • Internal approval of issued invoice – unapproved invoices will not leave the company.
A specific example:
Let’s issue invoice from a finished job.

Teamogy offers you overview of jobs at anytime. You can be sure if any job was already invoiced or not. 

Every job can be easily invoiced to a client with one click.

The invoice is composed automatically based on approved sales quotation, including entered billing address and due date.

Every invoice can be modified before the final version is sent to the client.

Before sending the invoice to the client, it’s appropriate to have it checked and approved by the responsible person. No matter if it’s the direct supervisor of the job, an accountant, or the company owner.

After the invoice is approved, you can print the invoice and send it to the client.

For effective job and company management, it’s important to have a constant overview of the cash flow.

The issued invoice and its value are immediately visible in the job, as well as all related reports.

How to try everything directly in the system:
  • Open the job you would like to invoice. Compose the invoice and modify it – add text, change the item prices, etc. Do not forget that you can print the invoice out or download it as a PDF document – it contains your header, logo, and all financial data.
  • After any modifications, look back at the job, and you’ll see that the numbers in the job have changed and at the same time. There is a new invoice among the documents.
  • A detailed manual can be found here:
    How to issue Invoice from Job.
    How to work with Sales invoice.
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