7. Effective cooperation with suppliers

External sub-deliveries are an important part of job execution. It is not easy to keep an eye on all activities related to it: coordination and overview of deadlines, goods or services delivered and following approval, accepting and re-invoicing of a supplier invoice. Any error in supplier cooperation can cause a lot of financial, as well as, non-financial problems.

What can Teamogy help to sort out in your company?
  • Cooperate mainly with vetted suppliers.
  • Create purchase orders directly from the system with a clear specification, delivery, and payment conditions.
  • Registration and approval of received supplier invoices, including comparison with an approved purchase order.
  • Direct interactions with the job – compare sales quotation, purchase order, supplier invoices, and client invoices.
A specific example:
Order external service and subsequently approve received supplier invoice.

A correctly issued purchase order for external services is vital for any business relationship.

Detailed specification of delivery, delivery date, and payment conditions are important to have an agreement upfront – ideally on the purchase order.

Every purchase invoice should be assigned either to a job or an internal overhead and approved by the responsible person.

It is the way you are assured that you will not pay for unauthorized or incorrectly issued purchase invoices.

The baseline of every profitable job is that the external costs do not exceed the amount you are able to re-invoice to the client.

For any job, you have an overview of budgeted amounts and received / issued records at all times.

It is important to maintain an overview of client jobs, even with a high number of jobs.

Being able to monitor the company from above and seeing how the total numbers evolve is quite appealing.

How to try everything directly in the system:
  • Create a purchase order from the existing job for external services. Specify the subject of delivery, financial value, and delivery date. Log the incoming invoice for external services into the system (try a higher amount than what’s on the purchase order) and assign it to a job. 
  • Open the job and check how easy it is to see the comparison of sales quotation, purchase orders, and supplier invoice. You can open any of these documents with a single click.
  • A detailed manual can be found here:
    How to work raise a PO in Teamogy.
    How to enter Supplier invoice to Teamogy.
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