GreenSocS: “Everything you need is in one unified system.”

Libor Černý
October 22, 2020

We are in the habit of getting feedback from our clients and users regarding how they work with Teamogy. This time, we talked with the owners of the digital agency GreenSocS, Tereza and Zdeněk Polansky, whose whole team uses Teamogy.


Libor: What was the main reason you started looking for a system for your company?

Tereza: Since the founding of the company, we have had a project system that provided an overview of clients, the process of the Jobs, and that helped us with tasks and timesheeting. After some time, we expanded and needed to get a better and more comprehensive overview, especially about the cash flow of Jobs. So, we added another system, this time a CRM, which helped us record contacts, notes, and information about clients and financial flows. Over time, combining multiple systems has been too complicated, and financial data has been more indicative rather than accurate to us. For this reason, we started looking for a solution that unifies our needs of the overview and the project system, which Teamogy perfectly fulfills.


Libor: Which systems did you use before Teamogy?

Zdeněk: Project System was what we used for projects – it was excellent for its simplicity, intuitiveness, and clarity. In terms of the project system, we were really satisfied. The CRM was RayNet.


Libor: What did you lack the most for managing the company that Teamogy solved?

Zdeněk: Most of all, we lacked complexity and an accurate overview in the previous systems. Now we have both of those things, and everything is in one place.


Libor: How quickly did your team learn to work with Teamogy?

Tereza: We are still learning new possibilities and functions; however, the onboarding process helped us to perfectly integrate it into the daily work of the agency. As part of onboarding, all of our employees were able to get acquainted with the system and were able to switch from day to day and work completely in Teamogy.


Libor: How did onboarding take place at your agency?

Tereza: Teamogy handled everything with perfect care and clear. The date of onboarding as well as the method was tailored to our exact needs, and we were not pressed by time. The preparation on your part was professional – a clear and well-arranged structure for the training, including answering all of our questions. I was very pleasantly surprised.


Libor: Does Teamogy have any “fans” in the agency?

Tereza: : So, the first positive responses came mainly from us, the owners of the agency. I also think that Teamogy is definitely growing on the managers, who are finally fully in charge of their clients and Job management. These are new advantages that benefit all parties involved.


Libor: How did you motivate the team to start using the new system?

Tereza: For some time, we have been moving towards making the most of the time and competencies of our employees. My sole intention was not just to benefit us as the owners. We also wanted our colleagues and employees to understand their work in context and be able to manage their Job from A to Z, which to accomplish previously, meant that our managers had to constantly click between several company systems. Even so, it was difficult to control a lot of things. So one introductory call about Teamogy was enough for most of our team, and the enthusiasm came on its own. For creative and performance positions that only perform tasks, virtually nothing has changed during the transition.


Libor: Does everyone in the agency use Teamogy?

Tereza: Yes, Teamogy is used by our entire team, which includes us as the owner of the agency as well as a creative manager and Facebook Ads manager, social and ads specialists, graphics, copywriters, and administration. Of course, managers use the system the most, though.


Libor: What do you mainly use Teamogy for in the agency?

Tereza: We use it primarily for daily routine, everyday work, which is assigning and checking tasks, including recording times. It also helps us with an overview of what is happening and helps us maintain information from client communication. The icing on the cake is the financial module with invoicing and statistics.


Libor: Where do you see the main benefits of Teamogy?

Zdeněk: I think we have mentioned a lot of benefits, but the biggest benefit is the complexity of the system and seamless communication.

Tereza: Thanks to the integration of the system, I think we eliminate the main problem of teamwork, which I would call “the left hand does not know what the right does.”

GreenSocS Digital Agency helps its clients build a stable community and business. It creates sophisticated marketing strategies with tailor-made plans, based on which, you can effectively meet the set goals. It supports the brands of its clients by spreading their good reputation, attracting new customers and employees, and bringing visitors to clients’ social networks, websites, and stores. You can read more about how the GreenSocS agency helped its clients during the outbreak of the Coronavirus in the spring of 2020 here:



Managing Director

Libor has devoted most of his professional career to working with advertising agencies and service-oriented companies to increase their productivity. He has been with AD-IN-ONE Europe for nearly twenty years, and today, through Teamogy, he continues to help Teamogy clients and partners around the world become more organized, efficient, and profitable. In his free time, Libor is an enthusiastic tennis player and likes to pass on his sports experience to his children.

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