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Libor Černý
December 6, 2021

With the rapidly changing environment and market conditions these days, every business has numerous challenges to face. Be prepared for them and utilize just one system for managing the whole company.

5 reasons to buy a system for managing the whole company
1. You can work remotely without compromise

With the cloud system, your options of where you can work and be productive outside the office will expand significantly. Remote work is nowadays a welcome benefit not only for employees but also for companies whose employees remain active whether they work from home or elsewhere.

“For 83% of all employees, a hybrid model of work (working in the office and remotely) is the most optimal solution for the future. (Source: Accenture 2021)”

Can’t get to the office because of illness? Need to quickly find a colleague’s document while he is on vacation? You have to send accounting financial documents, but you are not in the office? Are you waiting for a meeting with the client, and do you need to study previous meeting reports first?

All of these problems will be solved by one comprehensive system in which you will have all the information for your work in one place and available whenever you need it. All you need is a computer and the internet.

2. There may be more money in the company for the same work

With a comprehensive system that manages projects and finances at the same time, you can get more money from your clients with the same commitment of people and the same number of projects. How is it possible?

For example, if you budget a client for 10 hours at CZK 1,000 / hour, they will pay you CZK 10,000. However, there may be situations in which you have ended up working 20 hours for the client. You have not correctly estimated the complexity of the project. In this case, the client actually pays you CZK 500 per hour worked. Will you still be able to make a profit at this cost? Is it actually a labor order anymore?

“An average of 15% of the work done on a project is often not invoiced to the client. (Source: London Business School and TIQ 2016)”

For example, Teamogy will monitor the profitability of each order by monitoring the EHP indicator – effective hourly payroll. Thanks to this view in the system, you can immediately see how much the company actually receives from the client in hours worked. If you find that your EHP is declining, you can react immediately and protect your order margin.

3. You will have more time and energy for projects

Unnecessarily high administrative burdens are often associated with having to use multiple applications at once or with administrative clutter. This leaves very little time for interesting work and burns up their energy unnecessarily. What are some typical situations?

Information and various documents are often stored in various unshared places that are difficult to locate. Data has to be complicated to rewrite from one application to another. Approving important budgets and other documents takes longer than necessary due to poor coordination.

“On average, an employee spends 28% of his time on administrative tasks. (Source: The State of Work 2019)”

However, many administrative burdens can be minimized very easily, and the most critical administrative duties can be eased with a single system for the entire team.

How do you choose the right system, though? The right system should address and handle every important task in the company, while at the same time, not unnecessarily burdening the user with needless functions. Such a system will really make the whole administrative burden lighter, bring more order to the company and job management, enhance professionalism, and allow team members to devote more time to work that they enjoy and that interests them. This ultimately motivates people and energizes them.

4. The team will work together even better

Well-managed communication and coordination in a team are very important whether everyone works in the office or in different places. This is especially true at this time when a lot of employees use telework and collaboration between people can be a complication.

“According to the respondents, the biggest negative aspect of working from the home office was the lack of cooperation and coordination (20%). (Source: The Buffer, and AngelList! 2020)”

At present, modern systems offer many tools and solutions for internal communication, whether it’s a chat, online meetings, or the ability to share and work on one task together. The advantage of multiple communication tools in one system is its interconnection without the need to have multiple applications open at once.

One of the most important tools for good team coordination is TASK management, which means clear and well-arranged task management with clearly defined deadlines and quickly, easily accessible information for proper implementation.

5. All you need is one password and one username to be able to use one system … in short, one work system for the whole day

People no longer have to switch programs and log in to different systems several times a day. They don’t have to get used to different work environments, and most importantly, they don’t have to transfer data and information from one system to another. Thanks to automation in one consolidated system, they have everything they need for their work in one place.

“In a recent study, 70% of respondents say that automation will give them more time for primary work duties. (Source: The State of Work 2019)”

If you are interested in more information, register here and get a free one-hour online consultation for your company. Based on the online consultation, we will then prepare an output report within 48 hours which summarizes the current status and opportunities for your company.



Managing Director

Libor has devoted most of his professional career to working with advertising agencies and service-oriented companies to increase their productivity. He has been with AD-IN-ONE Europe for nearly twenty years, and today, through Teamogy, he continues to help Teamogy clients and partners around the world become more organized, efficient, and profitable. In his free time, Libor is an enthusiastic tennis player and likes to pass on his sports experience to his children.

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