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The team of architects, planners and interior designers from Premiers interiors have been creating interiors with love for 5 years and have already completed more than 100 projects. We chatted with Patrick Cirbus, COO of Premier Interiors about the projects, working with clients and also what Teamogy has brought to the company on a daily basis. 

Petr: Why should clients choose your studio? 

Patrik: In my opinion, clients have to choose with their heart. And I believe that the heart of our studio is strong, warm and friendly. The process of designing and realizing an interior takes many months, so a strong connection is very important and in this respect the connection of the heart is the keystone of our cooperation.

Petr: What are your most common projects?

Patrik: Our company has grown up on commercial projects, mainly office ones. Over the years, the area of design and implementation of apartments and houses has been added. These were mainly projects for our existing clients in the beginning. Today, we are getting inquiries from outside. So we do really all kinds of interior design.

The Moravia Glassworks

Czech glassmaking is a world concept. And the Moravia Glassworks with more than 100 years of tradition are proof of that. The small village of Úsobrno produces original glass products that deserve to be seen. And that is exactly what our architect Barbora Leitmannová took care of in her design of the new meeting and presentation room.

To ensure that the delicate glass products are not lost in the interior, Bára has created a design that is as neutral and clean as possible, in which lighting plays the main role. Thanks to the sophisticated play of light and shadow, the beautiful glass cases not only stand out, but also literally light up the room. We used small spot lights to illuminate the products, which we complemented with linear lighting above the coffee table.

Law Office Brno

Our architect Barbora Leitmannová took care of the design of the distinctive office of a Brno lawyer, which is located in the Hippokrates complex in the Masaryk district. And the rest of our team also implemented and fine-tuned it to the last detail.

Petr: What are your favourite projects?

Patrik: We love to do all our projects with love. But mostly the ones where we manage to find a strong connection with the client who feels the heart of the company. It’s not that easy, but we try to really prepare our clients for this long journey during the initial discussions so that everything goes smoothly with all our projects.

Petr: Can you tell us more about some of the projects you are proud of?

Patrik: We are always proud of the whole team behind the project. From the salesman, the estimator, the architect, the project manager. And if I had to find one, it would be the realization of the interior of DK Poklad in Ostrava. It was the most extensive realization of our studio. It lasted a year and involved 90 subcontractors.

Petr: Do you have any best working practices?

Patrik: Yes, we do, we work hard and once every 2 months we go to have fun, switch off and relax. Workflows go easier then, the team is more relaxed and we can really respond to the sometimes dreamy deadlines of designing and delivering interiors for our clients.

Wolt interiors

The young, progressive delivery company Wolt needed to expand, so they moved their Prague headquarters to the first Republican palace Bubenská 1. This listed building has recently undergone a costly renovation and our team of architects took care of the design of the open space, the one-bedrooms and the lounge area with kitchenette, which is not only modern and functional, but also respects the original elements and the functionalist genius loci.

Petr: Why did you decide to start using the company’s Teamogy system? 

Patrik: We were still a relatively small company at the time, managing to do our business overview using excel. However, we felt that we couldn’t do it this way forever as the company was still growing. After a rough idea of the possibilities of affordable tools not requiring the acquisition of IT equipment, we approached Teamogy with a request for a product presentation. After getting to know the possibilities in depth, and because other companies in our area use Teamogy, we decided to deploy the system in our studio.

Petr: What is different in the studio since using Teamogy?

Patrik: As far as the architectural part of the studio is concerned, at the very least, we have found that our work has been understaffed. As far as the implementation part of the firm is concerned, primarily we have a much better financial overview of the job. And in the big picture, we benefit from having all the important data, notes, accounting documents, timesheets, etc. etc. in one place.

The process of designing and implementing an interior takes many months – we have all the important data in one place – in system Teamogy.”

Petr: Can you try to quantify some of the benefits of Teamogy? 

Patrik: Who all uses the system in the studio? Everyone. There is no one who doesn’t need Teamogy in some way. Architects for tracking tasks/priorities, implementation for creating quotes, business for tracking the results of individual jobs, but also the overall view of the business.

“There is no one who doesn’t need Teamogy in some way. Architects for tracking tasks/priorities, implementation for creating quotes, business for tracking the results of individual jobs, but also the overall view of the business.”

Bistro Paulus- town Olomouc

Michelin chef Roman Paulus has opened a modern bistro in Olomouc’s Envelopa Office Center. In the glass atrium behind the counters, imaginative dishes are created daily to fill the stomachs and hearts of local diners. And it was the PREMIER Interiors team that made the interior of this unique bistro possible!

PetrIs using Teamogy useful for your clients in any way?

Patrik: Every budget that we create in Teamogy is is automatically overwritten to a specific job. So it doesn’t happen that there is any mistake. At the same time, if the job is live and there are changes during the implementation and you follow the basic rule that everything should be in Teamogy, then at the end of a 3-6 month implementation, it won’t happen that you don’t know what the financial status of the job is in relation to the client, whether we are talking about less or more work. However, we do have a small complaint and it would be handy to be able to generate a budget/contract summary in excel. So far Teamogy only allows PDF, but some clients request excel for large events. On the other hand, we know that Teamogy’s approach is that they try to reflect clients’ comments and needs in new versions. So this will definitely be resolved in the future.

Petr: Finally, is there anything you would like to recommend to the readers of this interview?

Patrik: Interior design is really about people’s hearts, always look for a design and implementation partner where you feel that connection and heart.

Petr: Thank you for your time and I wish you many more implementations where you will find a great understanding with the client.

Architects, engineers and interior designers.

Together they form a team with a lot of energy and ideas. They think creatively, but also functionally. Under their hands, original interior designs are created and transformed into reality with the utmost care.



Previously during his studies, Petr connected his name with the company AD-IN-ONE Europe. He knows the Teamogy system from many sides, which clients can appreciate during its presentation and consultations. Petr focuses on how clients with Teamogy can be even more profitable, efficient, and competitive in today’s market. Petr is careful and happy when clients are satisfied with the quality of his work. In his free time, he is a big football fan.

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