Make your  Teamogy familiar. Upload your logo for prinouts of documents
(2 minutes read / 10 minutes set up)

It is Teamogy, but it is Your Teamogy. Let’s change the look of system and prinout of documents that fits your company


1. Upload logo for light/dark theme of Teamogy

Users have possibility to choose the theme, let’s upload logo what works well for both themes

2. Tune the look of documents

Upload the best logo you want to appear in the header of your documents and invoices

1. Upload logo for light/dark theme of Teamogy

Make your logo shine in the environment. Requested file is .png in high resolution .svg 

2. Upload your logo for document letterhead

Let tune do look of your documents. Choose to logo you want to appears on your documents

How to set up the logos in Teamogy is described here  


RESULT OF THIS STEP: Your Teamogy looks nice now

Whoever will join your Teamogy from now on will see your logo and will easily identify with your company. Any documents printed out from Teamogy will look great! 

Don’t forget that our team is ready to help you in case of need. Also below you can find our latest related posts section from our Blog. Great tips and real stories mostly shared by Teamogy users are ready to give you inspiration and help you to decide how to manage your company the best.

Helpfull articles – Real stories from our Blog

Marco BBN uses Teamogy daily for a real-time overview of the agency.

Marco BBN uses Teamogy daily for a real-time overview of the agency.

This year marks 30 years since the brothers Pavel and Petr Marek founded the Marco BBN agency, a relatively unique agency on the Czech market, as its specializations include, among other things, B2B marketing, which has many specifics.

We talked to one of the agency’s founders and its Managing Director Pavel Marek about marketing know-how for B2B clients, interesting case studies, and how membership in the BBN network or the daily use of the Teamogy system helps the agency. And we looked a bit into the near future.