Onboarding overview

What does it mean and how to onboard your company to Teamogy?
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We all can’t wait to have new important member of your team called Teamogy in place and working. Let’s go through our onboarding guide and we are sure it will help you with the succesfull implementation.

Teamogy is great choice for each company that wants to work proffesional way and that wants to have one solution instead of many various, but new system, new processes and change of many habits is something what is in front of your company. It will not be easy, but we are ready to guide you through it and deliver it!

Our onboarding guide is here to be your helping hand.


1. Prepare your company and team for Onboarding

Specify your goals and expectations, choose the onboarding manager, set the best day for going live with Teamogy and check our FAQ 

2. Setup your Teamogy

Essential financial and regional setup in few minutes, logo upload to boost the look of your documents, invite your team to become Teamogy users and assign them the access rights you need

3. Training of the team

Prepare the training groups, choose the lessons for each group, provide training personaly or use wide range of educational videos

4. Going live

Prepare your launch plan, what you want to start use at the very begining, what you will start using next week, supervision for couple of days and see how Teamogy is becoming a strong member of your team.

From one point of view it is so easy to start Teamogy. Briefly said it is all about the basic setup of Teamogy and provide the training to team and you can go live.

On the other hand there are steps what we recommend to consider and may be invest time and energy to reach the best you can from having Teamogy.

Especialy for Management of company might be interesting some details in following topics what are shown below in the “Onboarding timeline”.

Prepare for Onboarding Week 1 Duration
Kick Off Set your goals and expectations. Think about, who is doing what and think about the date of going live, don’t forget to check our FAQ’s 60 min.
The Team Choose your onboarding manager or nominate team who will be responsible to onboard your company 30 min.
Timing Set the timing to each of following activites. It shouldn’t last more than three weeks and you can have fully working Teamogy in your company 30 min.
Setup Week 2
Create clan Create your own Teamogy, choose your domain 5 min.
Essentials Set up the financial and regional essentials of Teamogy (like VAT rates, timezone, language,…) 5 min.
Appearance Make your  Teamogy familiar. Upload your logo for prinouts of documents and for Teamogy environment 5 min.
Users Create your users in Teamogy, set up job titles, cost of manhours, set company structure by specify user’s upper managers 30 min.
Access Wisely think about the access of users and they priviledges 30 min.
Addons (optional) depends on the scope
Training of the Team Week 2
Prepare Training Prepare the training groups, prepare training environment, physical or remote training room, prepare the scenarios 60 min.
Training Each user involved in Teamogy should attend the relevant training (online videos are available or personal trainee may handover the knowledge) 60 -180 min.
Going live Week 3
Launch plan Prepare the plan what users will start and with what. What application will be replaced as a first and how you want to add a new and new activities in the first week of going live 60 min.
Check before life Perpare the real environment, invite all users, check the access righst again and preapre the welcome mail with instructions 60 min.
Go live Start using teamogy according to your launch plan and control everyday the performance. Be ready for some issues, but you will stand it J







Now, you know what is whole onboarding about. Each step of onboarding has its own, similar post to this one. We believe that your onboarding will be succesfull.

Don’t forget that our team is ready to help you in case of need. Also below you can find our latest related posts section from our Blog. Great tips and real stories mostly shared by Teamogy users are ready to give you inspiration and help you to decide how to manage your company the best.

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