Executive User Training

How to see what are my To Do’s, what is the priority and where to track my time
(0,5 – 1 hour of study time)

The main responsibility of executives is to recieve tasks for colleagues (especialy from client service people and upper management) Their duty is to execute the tasks, communicate about their ideas, solutions and share their output. And because it all consume time, that is precious, they are responsible to track precisely their time. Teamogy might be for them very helpfull, let’s take a look what are the basics they should know.


1. Big picture - Job & Task flow

Overview of system, Flow of client jobs and tasks (presentation)
1 video – duration 6 mins
Practical part  – none

2. Appearance & Accurate contacts

Set up your personal profile, How to create business contact (new client/brand)
2 videos – duration 5 mins
Practical part 10 mins

3. My Tasks and its management

Where is my To do list, Communication about task and sharing outputs, Mark my tasks as Done
3 videos – duration 14 mins
Practical part 10 mins

4. My time tracking

Report my time to tasks, Time recorder, Overview of my time tracks
3 videos – duration 10 mins
Practical part 10 mins

1. Overview & Big Picture

Client service Team is managing client jobs mostly. For that are used following modules of Teamogy:

Jobs, Tasks, Timetracks, Quotation, Purchase orders, Purchase invoices, Sales invoices

See the quick guide and watch the video please

Guide or Descritpion

2. Appearance & Accurate contacts

Each user in Teamogy might have different preferences. Someone likes dark theme, someone light. Font size is possible to adjust as well and to have Teamogy more usefull is great to upload your personal “avatar” and signature.

Basic entries what are used with all jobs, documents are contacts. So it is essential to know how to create them. In this chapter you will learn how to manage it. 

2.1 How to set up your own personal profile, theme and other preferences

Tune your Teamogy that fits your personal taste

See the guide and watch the video please…
Output/Practical part: Set your photo, change the theme, set your font size, send the post it to your colleague

Guide or description

2.2 How to create business contact.(Clients, Brands, Suppliers,..)

To have all business contacts well organised is goal of each company. With Teamogy it is easy.

See the guide and watch the video please…
Output/Practical part: Create your favorite client (and brands), create address, create a person, fill in registration of company and upload some attachment

Guide or description

3. My Tasks and its management

3.1 My to do list (task list, task statuses)

To know exactly what we are supposed to do and what is the priority is the key for our work. Task list and task statuses are great tools to use to be always on track.

See the guide and watch the video please…
Output/Practical part: Open the task list and see the list of your tasks. Open one task and read the description. Open the task statuses to see what tasks are you about to work on (Processing status).

Guide or description #1
Task list


Guidel or description #2
Task statuses

3.2 How to communicate in the Task with my team

Task is not just about to see what you are supposed to do, but it is a place to have a discussion and share your thoughts and ideas or output. Let’s see how this works in Teamogy tasks.

See the guide and watch the video please…
Output/Practical part: Open the task and use the discussion area. Type some text and upload your attachment or create a link or insert picture. Add another post into the comment area and use feature of “mentions” and send this post just to the selected colleague.

Guide or description

3.3 How to mark my tasks as Done (tasks statuses)

You will have soon many tasks to do in Teamogy and to have always clear overview what is about to be started, what you are working on and what is done you should know well how to use statuses of Tasks.

See the guide and watch the video please…
Output/Practical part: Open task list and open one of your tasks. Edit the status of task to Done. Then open the tasks statuses list and drag and drop another the task to status Done

Guide or description

4. My Time Tracking

4.1 How to report time from tasks

If there is a task assigned to you, probably you will invest part of your precious working to deliver it or work on it. It is great habit to track the time daily to let know others how far we are and how long it take to deliver such a task

See the guide and watch the video please…
Output/Practical part: Open your task from task list and use button of “clock” and register the time and provide some description of this time track. Than use button of “play” to let the counter running on the selected task. After 3 minutes hit stop to create the time record.

Guide or description

4.2 Time recorder

Sometimes the day is so chaotic and is better to record the time at the end of the day and choose that what you worked on from one place. Exactly for that is this recorder, where you can easily find and record time to your tasks as well jobs or some internal overheads (administration, selfpromotion, education time..).

See the guide and watch the video please…
Output/Practical part: Open time recoreder and choose one of your tasks and drag and drop it into the one of the days. Fill in the duration of time track. Also choose the one of the jobs from the list and do the same to another day. As well as use Internal overheads to track your time what is not client job related.

Guide or description
4.3 My timetracks overview

Either you or your supervisor might be interested in the list of your timetrack recorded last week, last month or time tracks of all time. It is good to know where you can find them to browse in your records.

See the guide and watch the video please…
Output/Practical part: Open My time track, use the filters to display just data from the last week, also you can choose random client in the filters to see what exactly you did in that period for the specific client

Guide or description

RESULT OF THIS STEP: Executive person is able to work on the tasks and record time

It was a load of information, but we believe it wasn’t that difficult. You know know where to look at your to do lists and you can easily communicate with yout team. From know on please, just ask for your tasks. 


Don’t forget that our team is ready to help you in case of need. Also below you can find our latest related posts section from our Blog. Great tips and real stories mostly shared by Teamogy users are ready to give you inspiration and help you to decide how to manage your company the best.

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