Create your clan

Create your own clan with your domain and local specifics
(2 minutes read / 10 minutes set up)

As the first step of the set up phase of onboarding and beginning of this “Teamogy journey” is to create for your own environment of Teamogy. 


1. Ask you Teamogy representative to create your Teamogy clan

You need to have your own clan with your regional specifics and the domain you choosed. Ask Teamogy to create it for you 

2. First user should be your Onboarding manager

Ask Teamogy representative to set up your Onboarding manager as a first user

Clan domain and regional specifics

To set up your Teamogy well, you should handover to Teamogy following information.

Company legal name: For example company name s.a.

Company common name: Example

Prefered subdomain:

Timezone: Europe/Prague

Language: Czech

Country: Czech republic

Note: Choose your subdomain wisely, so it last for long time and be aware that Teamogy may add abbrebation of region to keep domains available worldwide

The quick guide how to create the clan is for onboarding manager of Teamogy available here

Create first user – Onboarding manager

To continue with the set up and be able prepare Teamogy for all other users in your team is necessary to at least create first user, who should be your Onboarding manager

Send please your first user details to Teamogy manager 

First name: John

Last name: Doe

Jobtitle: Onboarding manager

Language: English


phone: +420 111 222 333

User will recieve invitation to his email and mobile phone and is able to first log in into the system. This user will have a role of “Supervisor” and “Configurator” what will allow this user to operate various following settings in Teamogy.

RESULT OF THIS STEP: Onboarding manger is ready to work in Teamogy

The result is that you have another person ready in your own Teamogy to work on further setup. As a default user is Admin Teamogy, the  user with highest priviledges, but once you will not need support of any Teamogy represenative this user might be deactivated. 

Don’t forget that our team is ready to help you in case of need. Also below you can find our latest related posts section from our Blog. Great tips and real stories mostly shared by Teamogy users are ready to give you inspiration and help you to decide how to manage your company the best.

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