Import business contacts (optional)

This step is not essential, of course it is possible to start using Teamogy without any imported contacts. Anytime there is a new deal, job, supplier costs or whatever is needed to be linked with any business contact, is possible to create contact one by one in the time when it is needed. Here is the guide how to create contact, it is so easy 

In case that the client requested to import more contacts and client is also able to prepare the contacts to this sheet, then let’s serve this request.


What is possible to import to Teamogy Contacts:

  • Companies (Legal name, Tax registrations numbers, addreses, website, phone, industry, tags, realtion: client or supplier, bank accoounts)
  • Persons (Salutation, First Name, Last Name, Job title, Contacts)


When there is delivered sheet filled by client is possible to import data to the specified company environment. How to is described here