Back office & HR Training

This part of training is dedicated to the group of users who taking care about the company and its people so well. Let’s take a look what are the things, that are needed to be known by them. Teamogy might be so helpfull in various agendas.


Key areas of training:

  • Big picture of Teamogy
  • Contacts (certification if actviated)
  • Internal overheads
  • How to order services
  • How to create new users / how to deactivate users
  • Attendance and Absences
  • Contracts (suppliers/clients/employees)
  • Document management (Handover protocols, Reconciliations,..)
  • Knowledge base
  • Cashbox transactions

Common for almost all users in company are following topics:

  • Personal preferences of Teamogy (avatar, language, font size, color theme,..)
  • Post-it feature
  • Teamogy help center (manuals, chat with support, what’s new)
  • Absence requests and Attendance

Suggested scenario of training:

Total duration of training session is 3 hours
We recommend to split it into two sessions to keep concentration of audience
Short welcome speech and “motivational speech” from company owner or member of board of directors is helpfull
Training is on DEMO environment.

Expected output from the training session is:

  • Users know and understand what are their duties
  • Users know the basics
  • Users knows when they are starting to work with Teamogy and what are the priorities to be focused on in first weeks (Launchplan is presented and agreed)
  • List of questions is written and shared with onboarding mangers from cleint side or with representative of Teamogy


Here is the link for the presentation what is possible to show at the begining of training