About Time Record

Time is the key asset of every company. Efficient time management of agency employees and co-workers is crucial for the delivery of promised jobs and campaigns on time and also has a direct impact on agency profit.

A Time Record is a record of the time worked by an agency employee or an external co-worker. The time record is important for accurate and fair billing to a client. It’s also crucial to assess the profitability of the job, client, and the entire agency.

Time recording in Teamogy is super simple and fast! It can be done for a job in general or for a particular task. You can immediately see the amount of tracked time for both the task and the job, and can effectively manage it and deal with any extra work.

Teamogy also allows you to track the time for client overheads (hours that are not related to a particular job but are spent on the client) and internal overheads (hours that are not related to any client but belong to internal agency operations). Users can see their time records in a visual format – weekly or monthly. And it is effortless to have it on time and for the right job.

The summary of individual time records is called the Timesheet.

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