Scope of onboarding

Based on the selected type of license and onboarding programme is necessary to set the scope, what will be delivered by Teamogy to client.

This topic is important for both sides. Teamogy goal is to provide, in the most effective way, the agreed set of services (consultations, set up, trainings, support) and client should exactly know what is in the scope.

How to take it under control:

– Teamogy representative, who will Onboard the client, will get the information from Sales representative with details about Teamogy license version and onboarding programme choosen by client

– Onboarding manager will create his own Job (including estimate of hours and list of activities to be delivered) in internal sytem of Teamogy to be able anytime report to client how the onboarding is going and will deliver and guide the client exactly based on the agreed scope.

– Checklist with the activities and needed set up will be maintained by Onboarding manager during the whole implementation, but Teamogy strongly recommends to client printout the “onboarding checklist” to keep the implementation under control