What’s new in Teamogy 2.14

Release date: 2019-09-20


Główne funkcjonalności
  • Pulpit finansowy


  • Search in Breadcrumbs
  • Dropdownable in Time Recorder
  • Time Recorder – Easy way to make Time Record
  • Task Report
  • Changes in User Area


Naprawa błędów
  • Fixed Values in Proforma View
  • Better Job Table Print
  • Replacing the misunderstanding icon
Główne funkcjonalności


1. Financial Board

The financial board is the place that provides a clear view of the entire agency. It contains charts with key indicators – overall evolution of revenues and costs of the agency according to financial and job aspects, various views on client profitability and efficiency and VAT report.

Szczegóły ulepszeń


1. Search in Breadcrumbs

This version gives you option to write initial letters or the whole name of requested criteria to breadcrumb’s search. You will find your data as fast as possible.

2. Dropdownable in Time Recorder

In the previous versions you could pair documents to items on job. We are pleased to announce you that until this version, you can pair also Time Records to items!

3. Time Recorder – Easy way to make Time Record

Do you make a lots of new time records per day? Do it faster now! Use plus and mines buttons to make a time record faster!

4. Task Report

Now you will have overview about tasks, which are connected to relative jobs.

Check the gif below, how to compose the Task Report from Job.

5. Changes in User Area

We fixed the bug with photo rotation and we have replaced buttons SAVE and CANCEL with CLOSE button.

Naprawa błędów


1. Fixed Values in Proforma View

We have corrected values in the Proforma view.

2. Better Job Table Print

Many improvements have been made to a printable version of job table.

3. Replacing the misunderstanding icon

We have replaced the misunderstanding icon (the arrow) with better icon. The arrow was really misunderstanding, in many of you evocated the back action. It just rolled the left navigation menu, that is the reason why we have replaced it.