What’s new in Teamogy 2.8

Release date: 2019-06-07


Major functionality
  • Export to Excel


  • Company – attachments – add attachments to Company.
  • Sales invoices – proforma invoices – values of proforma invoices visible in views
Bug fixes
  • Invoices – status CANCELLED. Values of cancelled invoices were shown in Job. FIXED – now cancelled values are not visible in job.
Major functionality

1. Export to Excel

Export data from Teamogy to Excel easily!

Note: The role of Data Exporter is needed.

Improvement details


1. Company – attachments – add attachments in Company view

Every user of Teamogy can add attachments in each Company from this version.

2. Sales invoices – proforma – can see the values of proforma

Until this version you could not see the values of proforma invoices in the view. Now it’s available.