About Electronic Approval Processes

In Teamogy, electronic approval processes can be utilized. Electronic approval processes are most commonly used for financial documents such as Sales Quotation, Purchase Orders, Sales Invoices, or Purchase Invoices. The approval process can also be applied to other non-financial documents or records, with Absence approval being a common example.

The approval process can be understood as a procedure in which one or more users approve or consent to a document before it is moved to the next activity, execution, or sent to the counterparty. This process may also include steps such as reworking the document, adding to it and finally approving or rejecting it. Each user clearly sees which documents are awaiting their approval (and is always informed about it by a system notification) and can approve, reject, or, if necessary, forward the document for further approval. The approval process is very simple and intuitive.

Example of easy document approval and processing

It's easy to approve any document

In Teamogy, there are so-called predefined (default) processes that can be easily activated and started using. The processes are designed in a visual tool and utilize approval roles, hierarchies, or financial limits. Thus, every client can easily maintain and update these processes at the level of basic configuration of groups and users. At the same time, Teamogy allows for the creation of individual processes tailored to the specific needs of a particular client.

Example of the visual form of the approval process

Why should a company use approval processes?

  • Approval processes help ensure that no important document leaves the company without the required approval or review. This minimizes errors and gets people more involved in collaborating on documents.
  • Responsible individuals have an overview of where a document is waiting for their approval, or when it was approved/rejected.
  • Well-set approval processes speed up the approval progress and internal communication. Everyone knows that a document awaiting their attention.
  • The very act of thinking and discussing processes and introducing them into the company leads to a certain standardization of certain activities and thus the company becomes more stable and efficient.

    For approval processes to be meaningful, understood and actively used by users, they should be simple and transparent – then the company will benefit from them. How strictly or loosely a company sets up its approval processes is up to the company.

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