Work With Table

The table is a key source of estimated financial information and therefore it’s very important to know how to work with it.

Columns description and using

Count it is a quantity of hours/service/goods.
Cost/1 it is a buying price of one external service/goods.
Cost the total buying price of external services/goods. (Count multiplied by Cost/1)
Markup/1 it is the markup per unit.
Supply/1 Cost/1 + Markup/1. Your sales price of external service/goods per unit.
Hourly rate/1 Price per working hour.
Sale price the total sales price for the client. Includes sales price of external costs and sales price of internal hours. (Supply/1 x Count) + (Hourly rate/1 x Count).
Working with rows See here how to work with rows.
Adding categories See here how to make a categorized Sales Quotation.
How to link See here how to link Sales Quotation with one or more jobs.

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