Clients by Recorded Hours

This chart shows client ranking by the number of Recorded hours. This chart tells you which clients use your agency people the most. Effective Hourly Payroll is used as additional information – you can double-check if the most served clients also bring the best ratio of Gross Margin and Reported hours.

The Yellow bar shows the number of Recorded Hours, the grey bar shows Effective Hourly Payroll. On the horizontal axis is the number of Recorded Hours & the amount of EHP. On the vertical axis are the names of the Clients.

Recorded Hours and Gross Margin are taken only from Jobs that are closed or canceled in a chosen time period and from Client Overheads where Revenues and Costs are taken based on their accounting date, which belongs to a chosen time period and Time Records, which belong to a chosen time period.

Also, the BOTTOM profitable clients can be shown in the chart.

This chart is visible only for users in the following groups: Supervisor, Financial Supervisor and Finance.

The source for chart data can be found in: 

1. Business report (Reported Hours) for Jobs. Use the proper filters (breadcrumbs) to see the relevant data (Job status=Closed, selected period, and selected client).

2. All of the Time records for hours reported to Client Overheads. Use the proper filters (breadcrumbs) to see the relevant data (Date and Job type=Client Overhead).

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