How to import bank statements in Teamogy

In the Bank section (1) , press the Bank statement button (2) .
Button for bank statement import
Choose a saved bank statement in supported format and attach it (1). 
Uploading bank statement
After you select and attach your bank statement, wait for a while until the individual transactions are displayed directly in Teamogy.

The statement header contains general information:

  1. Number of the statement (1)
  2. Date of statement’s creation (2)
  3. Period for which the statement is generated (3)
  4. Amount of expenditure (4)
  5. Amount of income (5)
  6. Initial balance (6)
  7. Ending balance (7)

You can also see for each transaction whether it is a credit (green line) or a debit (blue line), the reference number, the date, the counterparty and, if applicable, a description of the transaction.

Bank statement with many transactions
Each bank transaction already has its transaction ID assigned from the bank. If you access a statement whose transactions have not yet been generated in Teamogy, they will be generated. If the statement contains transactions whose IDs have already been generated in Teamogy, the statement will be rejected. This prevents duplicate import of transactions.

The Bank statements tab (1) sorts all Bank statements by date and by the account to which they belong. Statements in local and foreign currency are displayed separately.

Bank statement tab

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