About Human Resources

Employees are a key element for the success of any organization. It is important to use their work efforts effectively, care for them, and maintain the correct employee turnover in the company. The HR section will help you manage and control all of the processes related to employees such as recruitment and training of new employees or taking care of the current employees.

The goal of this HR section is to have all related agenda in one place.

Here is an overview of HR section: 

HR documents is the area where all of your HR documents are created and stored. You can easily create your own HR documents or use specified predefined templates (Employe contract, Freelance contract, Contract termination, etc…).
Time records offer you a complete overview that includes any important information about the effectiveness of all of your team members, such as the number of hours reported above the daily limit or the number of hours reported on weekends and holidays.
Attendance allows HR to track and monitor employee attendance of all employees. You can track arrivals and departures or time taken on breaks. All of the data are available in daily, monthly, and annual attendance reports.
Absences allows HR to have full control over the various types of absences. Absence requests can also be set up with an approval process that will be managed by an assigned person in HR.
Users is the place where you can create a new Teamogy user or manage the current users (e.g., change contact information or manage User rights).

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