Price Lists Items

You can simplify the work of creating Sales quotations by preparing price list items.

How to activate

First of all, you need to activate this feature. Ask your internal Teamogy administrator or contact our support.

To activate: Go to Configuration – System configuration (1)  – Documents (2) / section Sales quotation (3) . Here you can switch this function ON (4).

Bank Statement with detailed transactions
How to create price list items

To create a new price lists items, you need to go to the Configuration section – Additional settings (1) – Price list (2) and Add price list item (3).

Detail view of bank transactions
Details of each price list item

To add price list item, simply click + price list item button and fill in all details.

Detail view of bank transactions
In addition, you can assign each item to a multi-level hierarchy and have a structured price list, for example, by client, type of work, etc.

A new hierarchy level is always created with the “/” character (1) – see screen below.

New price list item hierarchy
How to use price lists items in Sales quotation

To add price list items to your Sales quotation, simply click into the “Code” column (1)  in your Sales quotation table. You can easily search for the item you are looking for.

Detail view of bank transactions
Selected price list item is added to the Sales quotation line with all predefined values.

How to add multiple pricelist items

To add more pricelist items in one, simply use the green icon Add pricelist items (1) as on the screen. Then mark selected items (2) and that’s all.

Detail view of bank transactions
Detail view of bank transactions

How to invalidate selected pricelist items

To invalidate pricelist item just opent it in the pricelist menu and mark “Invalidate” (1), then confirm (2).

Detail view of bank transactions

Get in Touch

If you have problem or need further assistance, do not hesitate contact Teamogy Support. Use online chat (inside Teamogy or everywhere on in the lower right corner) and you will get prompt reply.