Different Types Of Addresses

There are several different addresses, that you can manage for every contact in the system. Teamogy allows you to keep all of them safe and secure.

Registered office address official adress of an company, that is part of the public record and required by the home country
Correspondance address the address to which all post mail will be sent
Ordering address address that are attached to orders

Let’s check on how you can easily manage and set up different types of adresses in the company.

First, go to the tab Adresses in the company. It the address form, you will see three icons that represent different types of address, that you can set up.

  • Icon of a basket represents Ordering address
  • Icon of a mail represents Correspondance address
  • Icon of a home represents – Registered office address

Once you click on the icon, it will be active and the address will be automatically added into the documents/orders/invoices. In the screen below, we have actived the address as a default Ordering address.


You can also choose that one address will be set up as Registered office address, Correspondance address and Ordering address. Or you can add three adresses for different types of addresses.

In invoices you can set up that Registered office address and Correspondance address will be printed in the document.

Note: If an address is set up as a default Ordering address, Correspondance address or Registered office address of the Company, you can’t disable it.

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